Mayor Brandon promotes ‘Bike to Work Week’ flanked by two hulking suburbans

“Yearly theater” reminiscent of Mayor Pete saw Mayor Brandon called out over his SUV-trailed stunt.

“Can we get a Lower Murder Rate Week? Can you even mention that?”

Progressive politicians are well known for peddling propaganda. But as the city of Chicago marked its annual Bike to Work Week, Mayor Brandon Johnson was seen deploying pedaling, in a cringe promotional video for the Windy City.

“Rain, sleet, or snow, we bike in Chicago! Happy Bike to Work Week!” the X account for Hizzoner captioned the short montage where the mayor could be heard saying much the same. “Hey, what’s up Chicago? Happy Bike to Work Week. Listen, rain, sleet, shine, or snow, we bike to work in Chicago. Love you, the greatest freaking city in the world! Peace.”

Hardly unnoticed in the brief clips of Johnson giddily riding through the crime-ridden city were his entourage vehicles that had the social media account Libs of Chicago calling out, “What is the point of biking to work with 2 Suburbans riding alongside you? Just get in the damn SUV & stop the theater, it’s stupid.”

Readers may readily recall how in 2021 Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg had made a spectacle of biking to President Joe Biden’s first cabinet meeting as he declared, “You should not have to own a car to prosper in this country, no matter what kind of community you’re living in.”

Of course, the desired message was seen as little more than a “dog and pony show” when video emerged of Buttigieg unloading his bike from the back of his security detail’s truck, which continued to follow him, before only riding the last stretch of swamp to work.

As it happened, even without factoring in the violent crime rates in Chicago, the act of riding a bike anywhere in the lakeside city was fraught with danger as part of the events of Bike to Work Week included the May 15 Chicago Ride of Silence.

Detailed by the Active Transportation Alliance, Wednesday’s ride sought to bring attention to road-sharing for cyclists and pedestrians, marking a route that incorporated crash sites from years past with so-called “Ghost Bikes” memorializing killed riders.

“This ride offers us a chance to mourn those who have been killed while biking, visit their ghost bike memorials, and share a silent moment of respect and reflection,” said event organizer Elizabeth Adamczyk.

The ATA noted that five to six bicyclists had been killed each year from 2012 to 2023 on average, but 2020, 2021 and 2022 had seen higher death tolls at nine, 10 and eight respectively. Further, 30 pedestrians were said to have been struck and killed by drivers in 2023 and seven such fatalities had already occurred in 2024.

Between the crime, economic woes and illegal alien crisis plaguing Chicago to name a few of the city’s troubles, social media users couldn’t help but scoff at the apparent priorities of Johnson.

“…Yearly theater from the Mayor of the 3rd largest city in the United States. Sad thing is there’s people eating this up,” added Libs as another chimed in, “Easy for you to say, after closing off the streets you’re going down, and being shadowed by a bunch of security…But the rest of us get hit in the head, and get our bikes stolen.”

Kevin Haggerty


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