Mayor Brandon’s pandering excuse for dropping $30k on hair, makeup breaks the BS meter

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson has a really good reason why he dropped $30k on hair and makeup in the last year.

The money, which came out of the Friends of Brandon Johnson campaign fund, was not just to help the mayor look and feel good, but to help black businesses.


A reporter asked the mayor to justify why he thinks it is an “appropriate use” of campaign funds. Originally, Johnson’s campaign advisor was unapologetic, saying “Appearances matter.” But now, the mayor is saying he is doing it to help out local, black-owned businesses.

“I think it’s always appropriate to make sure we’re investing in small businesses, especially minority-owned, black-owned, women-owned businesses,” Johnson said. “Our campaign spends money on food, we support black and brown-owned businesses. Printing. There are a number of things my campaign spends dollars on, and I’m so committed to supporting small businesses that even as mayor, we just made another announcement of another $34-35 million available for small businesses.”

“That’s important to people, that we lift up small businesses that don’t always get the attention and support that they deserve,” he continued. “And we’re gonna continue to do that, as a city, and we’ll make sure that, you know, I encourage all of you in this room, support small businesses. Go get your hair and makeup done by black people in particular.”

X users weren’t convinced:

Sierra Marlee


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