‘Appearances matter’: Chicago mayor spends over $30K on personal grooming

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is making headlines with his significant personal grooming expenses, exceeding $30,000 in the past year.

That’s according to the Chicago Sun Times, which revealed that the Democrat used contributions to his Friends of Brandon Johnson campaign fund to foot his grooming bill.

The newspaper reported that the bulk of the money went to a South Side makeup artist, while a West Side barbershop received $4,000 in payment. The latter expense included an alleged bookkeeping error, with Anthony Jones Salon being listed as the recipient.

“I’d love an extra $4,000, but we never got any money from them,” Jones told the Sun Times. “Nobody from the campaign has ever been in my salon.”

Johnson campaign adviser Bill Neidhardt said the campaign finance report should have listed AJ Styles Barber & Beauty Salon, further explaining, “The vendor that does our expenditure reports, we gave them the name of the business and they wrote down the wrong one.”

An unapologetic Neidhardt said of the overall expenditures, “He’s mayor 24-7. Appearances matter.”

Makeup artist and self-described “skincare enthusiast” Denise Milloy’s Makeup Majic reportedly received more than 30 payments in 2023 and 2024 for services listed as: “Candidate makeup for TV; Candidate makeup for debate; Candidate makeup; and Makeup retainer.”

It’s safe to say, social media users were not impressed with Hizzoner’s prioritization of his personal grooming standards.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on the social media platform X:

Tom Tillison


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