Media declares Katie Hobbs winner of Arizona gubernatorial race, and folks have A LOT of questions

Democrat Katie Hobbs is projected by the media to win the gubernatorial race in Arizona against Trump-endorsed Republican Kari Lake, but many, many Americans are doubting the result of that race and have a whole bunch of questions about it.

(Video Credit: ABC15 Arizona)

Lake, a former local news anchor, was widely expected to win the race. Most polls ahead of the election showed Lake with a slight lead in the contest. But as problems once again plagued voting in the state, many cried foul over a faceoff that was dragged out for a week past Election Day. She may be denied a recount as well because the difference in votes is just over the threshold which is .5 percent, or approximately 12,900 votes.

The former news host out of Phoenix stood firm on a number of conservative issues, challenging the 2020 election results and vowing to go after voter fraud. She pushed “common sense conservatism” and campaigned on a platform that addressed border security, homelessness, banning Critical Race Theory in classrooms, support for school choice, and her opposition to abortion.

Hobbs is a former social worker who has served in the Arizona state House and state Senate. She was elected Secretary of State in 2018. Hobbs was a staunch defender of the 2020 election results in her state. She supports abortion rights and asserts that she plans on working with law enforcement and border communities to beef up Arizona’s border security with Mexico.

Her campaign endlessly attacked Lake, even accusing her of being connected to a break-in into her office which was proven untrue. Hobbs blamed Republican extremism for the break-in.

Hobbs also refused to debate Lake, claiming it would give her a platform for promoting conspiracy theories, according to Fox News.

The media has constantly painted Lake as an “election denier” in an attempt to disparage her. Many people have a lot of questions regarding that race and there is growing anger out there over the results.

In the end, Hobbs was declared the winner with 50.39 percent of the vote – 1,267,241 votes according to NPR. Lake had 49.61 percent of the vote – 1,247,859.

“Democracy is worth the wait,” Hobbs tweeted after the race was called Monday night. “Thank you, Arizona. I am so honored and so proud to be your next Governor.”

Kari Lake did not see it that way, tweeting, “Arizonans know BS when they see it.

Questions and outrage on social media started pouring in after Hobbs was declared the victor.

“Maricopa County is now the laughingstock of the world. But don’t give up on them. Election officials in Maricopa need to be sued into oblivion for disenfranchising so many Kari Lake supporters. Redo the election without Katie Hobbs counting the votes,” Paul A. Szypula tweeted.

Former newsman John Cardillo was incensed over the results, writing, “Something is very wrong in Arizona. It makes no mathematical sense that the GOP State Treasurer won reelection by a quarter million votes but Kari Lake and Abe Hamadeh are still behind.”

Arizona Republican Josh Barnett has severe doubts as well about the outcome, “There is no way that Schweikert outperformed Kari Lake in CD1!”

Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers was even blunter concerning the election result.

Others voiced their disbelief as well:

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