Media gives Biden points for the economy as many new jobs go to non-Americans

Don’t be fooled by President Biden’s new job growth numbers.

According to Fox News’s Laura Ingraham, it’s nothing but “lipstick on a pig.”

The”Ingraham Angle” host blasted Democrats and the Biden administration, claiming “a lot” of the new jobs are”going to non-Americans.”

(Video: Fox News)

“You have to hand it to them — they keep trying to put lipstick on a pig and, in isolation, the numbers can even sound pretty impressive…” Ingraham stated on Friday.

According to the Associated Press, “The 303,000 jobs that the economy added in March were the largest gain since last May. And they boosted average monthly job growth so far this year to a vigorous 276,000, an improvement even on 2023’s robust average of 251,000.”

“The unemployment rate fell last month even though a sizable 469,000 people entered the labor force looking for work,” the AP continues. “That influx increased the proportion of Americans who either have a job or are looking for one from 62.5% in February to 62.7%.”

“A bigger labor force tends to ease pressure on companies to significantly raise wages, thereby slowing inflation pressures,” the outlet adds.

“Wow, it sounds great, but if this is all true, why are so many Americans down about the Biden economy?” asked Ingraham. “And why is Trump leading in six of seven swing states?”

Maybe, Ingraham argues, it’s because Americans aren’t the ones being employed.

“Perhaps the most disrespectful fact of all relates to who is actually getting all these new jobs,” she stated. “Looks like a lot of the job growth is going to non-Americans, which The New York Times hints at today, saying, immigration is helping to meet hiring demand, ‘creating a flood of potential workers that is both supercharging the job market and leading to surprises and quirks in closely watched economic data.'”

“Today’s jobs report shows zero growth in manufacturing jobs — zero,” Ingraham said. “And important to note, the second biggest category in job growth was among government workers.”

“So this is big government, big bureaucracy, not big manufacturing,” she explained. “The jobs numbers today will not move the needle on public opinion any more than Biden’s shout-fest State of the Union did, but you can expect the Biden campaign to keep trying to reassure his donors that any day — any day — the tide will turn.”

“Americans have been completely left behind in this economy,” wrote Heritage economist E.J. Antoni on X. “[F]oreign-born employment is not only several million above its pre-pandemic level but is even above its pre-pandemic trend, while native-born Americans have made no progress in 4 years – in fact, they’ve gone backwards.”

“I’ve had several questions on this point so let me clarify: the Bureau of Labor Statistics admits that the foreign-born category includes illegal aliens,” he added, “but it’s anyone’s guess as to exactly how many are in there…”

Melissa Fine


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