‘That’s not what I asked’: Fox’s Cavuto leaves grill marks on Dem senator over his party’s ‘turning on Israel’

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto grilled one of President Joe Biden’s top Senate allies on whether the Democratic Party has turned against Israel, the nation’s longtime ally.

Biden’s increasingly tense relationship with the leader of the Jewish democracy took a turn for the worse during a phone call this week in which he demanded a ceasefire in Gaza before the job of eliminating the terrorists has been completed.

Senator Chris Coons (D-Del.) appeared on Friday’s edition of “Your World” where he was asked about his support for putting conditions on aid to Israel.

(Video: Fox News)

“This is different. This is Israel,” Cavuto said” We have never, never done this in the history of our relationship. The only reason why I raise it is that now, we seem to be sending a message that if you don’t do what we tell you, there could be serious repercussions. Is that the message you want to send a country that didn’t start this war? It started with Hamas, killing, butchering more than 1,400 Israelis?”

The Delaware senator defended his home state’s president and his administration’s recent turn to a more aggressive stance against Israel, noting that Biden would provide support both militarily and financially if the country is attacked by Iran, which is now being predicted as imminent.

He also said that he would prefer if the Israelis don’t commence airstrikes on Rafah, a Hamas stronghold, without allowing civilians to get out.

“Senator, what if they do?” Cavuto asked. “If they do, and you’re quite right, we’ve always, you know, in this long decades-long relationship with a Republican-Democratic administration, you know, had forceful viewpoints and challenges to the Israelis. We’ve never once cut aid in that process.”

“If the Israelis were to go into Rafah, as Benjamin Netanyahu seems to want to do still, are you saying, or would you recommend that is a game changer…in other words, would you then say…you’ve gone too far? We’re going to cut aid,” he said.

Coons replied, “Look, I would not abandon abandon Israel. I would not abandon the defense of Israel against their enemies in the region, particularly in the face of an imminent strike by Iran against Israel…”

“With all respect, sir. That’s not what I asked. If they go into Rafah and do this, would you, would say, that’s a game changer, Israel, we told you not to do it and you did,” Cavuto pressed.

“I would be willing to put conditions on the delivery of military munitions for that ongoing campaign,” the senator answered. “I would not sever ties between the United States and Israel. I wouldn’t abandon Israel, but I would begin to condition the munitions that we provide for an ongoing campaign in Rafah.”

Cavuto then asked point blank, “Is the Democratic Party turning on Israel?”

“I don’t think so. And I frankly, I don’t speak for the Democratic Party as a whole,” Coons responded. “I speak for myself as a senator from Delaware and I think that we have been and will continue to be strong partners and allies with Israel and the Israeli people.”

“But there are good reasons to question the wisdom of the tactical decisions being made by Prime Minister Netanyahu,” he added. “The decision to not allow humanitarian aid in at scale, which now seems to be changing, and the decision to not put at the forefront, negotiating for the release of hostages, but instead the continuation of the war at all costs.”

“So, please understand, I think this is a tactical difference between the United States and Israel over the conduct of the war against Hamas in the south of Gaza, not a fundamental change in our ongoing relationship,” Coons insisted.

While Coons is denying it, many feel there is no question that the Democratic Party is prepared to sacrifice the decades-long relationship with Israel to placate Michigan Muslims, even if they won’t openly admit it.

Chris Donaldson


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