Megyn Kelly says Stormy Daniels has convinced her there was NO affair with Trump

Megyn Kelly said on Monday that Stormy Daniels’ testimony last week has changed her mind about the porn star’s alleged one-night stand with Donald Trump.

The former Fox News host is now declaring that she no longer believes there was any such fling, after stating last month that she believed there was an “interlude.”

“I came into this trial completely believing that Trump had had a one-night stand with Stormy and an affair with Karen McDougall,” Kelly said on her popular podcast. “I still believe he had an affair with Karen McDougal, that one got a little bit more detailed from the testimony… But I no longer believe the Stormy Daniels story. I at least have very serious doubts about it. I would not find beyond a reasonable doubt – not that they have to – but I would not find beyond a reasonable doubt that they had an affair. She came across as so not credible.”

“I now believe it could have been a setup,” she added. “She met him at the Tahoe thing, maybe she went to his hotel room, maybe she didn’t, but I can’t believe a word out of that woman’s mouth.”

In a NewsNation interview last month, Kelly was asked if she believes Trump’s denial about being with Stormy Daniels and she replied, “No, I believe there was an interlude. I don’t know, ‘affair’ may be too strong.”

Kelly’s latest remarks came during a segment with legal experts Viva Frei and Phil Holloway that was focused on Trump’s criminal hush money trial in New York City.

For his part, Frei concurred with Kelly.

“I don’t believe it for a second,” he said. “I believe that Stormy Daniels is an extortionist who was trying to get money out of Trump.

Kelly had an interesting take on former Trump “fixer” Michael Cohen, who reportedly paid Daniels on his own accord.

“I think it’s fascinating seeing this happen. I mean, to me it’s like a Greek tragedy, you know,” she said. “Michael Cohen gets picked by Donald Trump to work for him when he’s a young lawyer in his 30s. Gets a good job. A good salary. He has idolized Trump from his perch growing up in Long Island.”

But Kelly insisted that “the relationship was fraught from the beginning,” saying that she thinks “there’s a reason Trump hired someone as sketchy as Michael Cohen.”

“And when the sh*t hit the fan, Trump cut ties, let him twist in the wind and he went down for it,” she said.

Tom Tillison


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