WaPo calls for people to take cold showers because of climate change

The climate cult’s zeal for third-world excellence had the Washington Post scolding over showers in a never-ending pursuit to see society “live like eighth-century savages.”

While President Joe Biden’s administration has continued to advance the green agenda through regulatory overreach with complicit corporations embracing the public-private partnership that will ensure future sales of inferior products, Marxism’s media arm plowed ahead with propaganda.

On Sunday, under the banner of “climate solutions,” the Post ran an article titled, “Why you should embrace using cold water, almost all the time.”

In addition to pushing emissions numbers on doing laundry and promoting dish-washing practices that many considered to be counterproductive, the piece saw fit to promote making cold showers the norm for the sake of the planet — but with added benefits for your skin.

“Showering accounts for roughly 17 percent of the water Americans use in their homes, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Your steamy showers also consume energy: Nearly half of a home’s hot water is used for bathing,” wrote reporter Allyson Chiu.

“A cold shower not only uses less energy than a hot one, but it also saves water because you don’t have run [sic] the tap while you wait for it to heat up, said Jennifer Amann, senior fellow in the buildings program at the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, a nonprofit group,” continued the Post. “You should also rethink washing your hands with hot or warm water for the same reason, she added.”

Amann was quoted as saying, “If you’re wasting cold water to get your hot water, then you’re really wasting both water and the energy resources. Those energy resources still come largely from fossil fuels and so they’re adding to emissions in the environment at a time when we really need to be doing everything we can to reduce carbon emissions.”

Reacting to the newspaper making yet another case for Americans to change their way of life to support the end goal of jet-setting elites, Breitbart’s John Nolte excoriated the outlet, “The Post demanding we use cold water to rinse our dishes, only proves that no one at the Post has ever done their own dishes–which is why they love their illegal aliens so much.”

“The liars and conspiracy theorists at the Post want you and me to live like eighth-century savages but have no intention of doing the same,” he wrote further.

While nuclear energy continued to be ignored and Biden advanced globalist policies that would sooner devastate the nation’s energy capabilities than make a dent in the climate, actor James Woods recently called out one climate zealot over not practicing what they preach.

“Do you fly in airplanes? Do you heat your home? Do you have air-conditioning? Do you drive a car?” he asked on X. “Ed Begley has been riding a bicycle for decades. He’s a good ambassador for his point of view. Try putting your money where your mouth is.”

Of course, like Nolte, reactions online shared certainty that the Post and their ilk would not be engaging in any activities that would detract from their way of life.

Kevin Haggerty


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