Michael Cohen gloats over ‘tough guy’ Peter Navarro going to prison

Former President Donald J. Trump’s disgraced ex-lawyer Michael Cohen jabbed at “television tough guy” Peter Navarro whose last ditch effort to stay out of prison was shot down by the Supreme Court on Monday.

Before surrendering himself to federal authorities in Miami, FL where he will serve his time as a political prisoner for defying a subpoena from the now-defunct J6 committee, the former Trump aide held a fiery press conference, denying that he was nervous about being locked up, remarks that Cohen scoffed at.

(Video: CNN)

During an appearance on Tuesday’s edition of “Erin Burnett OutFront,” the former “fixer” was asked by the host about Navarro after playing a clip of his defiance as he prepared to begin serving his four months behind bars.

“He gave a press conference today, Navarro did,” Burnett said before teeing up the short video of the former trade adviser talking to reporters from a strip mall parking lot near FCI Miami, saying that he’s received “support” from the presumptive Republican party nominee and his team.

“What do you say to that?” Burnett asked, “Greatest amount of support from Donald Trump and his team as he’s heading to prison, of course Trump is not?”

“And look where you’re going,” Cohen responded. “And trust me, it’s easy to be a television tough guy when you’re on the outside. When you’re on the inside, there are rules. Whether you’re in a satellite camp, a low, like I was in, or you’re in a maximum security, the rules are still the rules.”

“He doesn’t live by those rules. He’s never had to live by those rules. This is an adjustment that he has no idea what he’s in store for,” he added.

Burnett replied, “It is incredible when you think about it. All right, thank you so much, Michael. I appreciate it.”

“Let me also just say the food is terrible,” Cohen said in a parting shot.

Cohen, one of the sordid array of characters in the ongoing New York City legal circus, has been rewarded with his flipping on Trump with celebrity status and a regular gig on cable “news” shows, especially on CNN where he is a frequent contributor.

He will also have a starring role in the upcoming trial of Trump in Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case centering on alleged “hush money” payments to pornographic movie “actress” Stormy Daniels, yet another Big Apple courtroom drama held in a city where it has already been established that the former president can’t get a fair trial.

the 74-year-old Navarro’s hopes of avoiding prison time were extinguished by Chief Justice John Roberts on Monday who rejected his emergency request to remain free as his appeals process plays out, acting on his own without referring the matter to the full court.

“I’m pissed. That’s what I’m feeling right now,” Navarro told reporters. “But I’m also afraid of only one thing: I’m afraid for this country because this, what they’re doing, should have a chilling effect on every American regardless of their party. They come for me, they can come for you.”

Navarro’s imprisonment while presidential son Hunter Biden remains free is another example of the two-tiered system of justice that now exists in America.

Chris Donaldson


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