TV host Dan Abrams rips media for sensationalized ‘bloodbath’ coverage: ‘Plays out perfectly for Trump’

NewsNation host Dan Abrams called out the “over-the-top” reaction of the media to former President Donald Trump’s viral comments about a “bloodbath” during an Ohio rally.

The Mediaite founder chastised liberals and the leftist media during Monday’s airing of “Dan Abrams Live” for taking Trump’s remark out of context and then becoming fixated on the term in coverage that only would benefit Trump in the long run.

“He’s talking about it in the context of cars, right? Is it a great idea to be using phrases like ‘bloodbath’ considering what happened on January 6th? No. But do I think he’s calling for another January 6th-type event there, as many in the media have been claiming? No,” Abrams said.

“The context matters. Right out of the gate, the word ‘bloodbath’ blew up in the media. The Trump campaign put out a statement repeating it was talking about the automobile industry in China, but the left-leaning media dug in,” Abrams continued.

“This plays out perfectly for Donald Trump. He gets to say, rightly, the media took his comments out of context and the rest of his speech gets largely forgotten,” he pointed out.


Trump took to Truth Social to blast his critics.

“The Fake News Media, and their Democrat Partners in the destruction of our Nation, pretended to be shocked at my use of the word BLOODBATH,” wrote Trump, “even though they fully understood that I was simply referring to imports allowed by Crooked Joe Biden, which are killing the automobile industry.”

Playing clips from various outlets covering Trump’s comment, Abrams pressed the argument that the media’s hyper-fixation on the “bloodbath” term took away any solid coverage of other remarks the presumptive 2024 GOP nominee made.

“See, look, what that really is, is an attack on the American justice system where defendants have pled guilty and juries have convicted, right? Juries,” he said.

“Where cops were harmed and an important government building was destroyed and defaced — they’re ‘hostages.’ Or, as we discussed last week, the fact that Trump is calling for the prosecution of Nevada election officials who were just doing their jobs based on false claims of voter fraud that have been repeatedly debunked,” Abrams told viewers.

“Again, as someone who regularly defends our legal system from our Supreme Court to law enforcement, this is the stuff that crosses a line for me, threatening to use the power of the government to prosecute people you don’t like,” he added.

The media was joined by President Joe Biden’s campaign in pushing the latest fake news about Trump, fanning the flames of controversy that was quickly exposed.

“Look, I’m less interested in the comments that he makes about how horrible things are going to be if he’s not elected than I am in comments that he makes about what he will do if he is,” Abrams continued his monologue.

“And by the way, same thing applies to [President Joe Biden]. ‘End of democracy,’ if he isn’t elected, is less meaningful than what happens if he is elected,” the NewsNation host said.

“But the liberal media’s breathless and over-the-top coverage is focused on that single word taken out of context as a sort of ‘gotcha’ sensational moment,” he concluded.

Leftists had a meltdown when Trump used their hysteria to fundraise for his campaign.

Frieda Powers


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