Michael Moore places NYC mayor on menu over anti-Israel protests, defends ‘outside agitators’

Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore has defended students taking over university and college buildings in protest of the Israel-Hamas conflict, and he took offense to Mayor Eric Adams referring to them as “outside agitators.”

The Democrat mayor of New York City joined the New York Police Department in calling out “outside agitators” for recent protests devolving into riots at New York University and Columbia University.

“We can’t have outside agitators come in and be destructive to our city,” Adams had said during a press conference. “Someone wanted something to happen at that protest at NYU.”

“People who peacefully protest for an issue, they’re not throwing bottles [and] chairs,” he added. “And so we know that we have acknowledged and saw across the country there are people who come [who] have nothing to do with the issue, and they want to aggravate. Now, if those police officers didn’t show a high level of discipline, this could have been an ugly situation.”

Moore blasted the description of the activists by Adams as a “joke.”

“It’s just amazing to watch the mayor of New York, this guy, wow,” he said on a podcast Monday.

“There’s no such thing as an outside agitator because these schools live in the communities. They exist in the communities. They participate in the communities,” he said. “And especially the free universities or mostly free colleges, represent the city of New York, which is maybe a third white, but two-thirds not white. And you go to these schools, and you see that they’re set up to represent and to teach, educate a diverse group of young people and adults throughout the community.”

He encouraged students to keep up the protests and gave them credit for making their voices heard.

“You have to take over buildings. That is not violence,” Moore said. “I hope it continues. I applaud every student who has taken a stand at their campus, at graduation, whatever. This is the purpose of a democracy is to be able to redress your grievances, to assemble, to have free speech and to disrupt, yes, disrupt. Non-violently disrupt. And when I’m talking about non-violence I’m not talking about you do have the right to take over the administration building.”

“Yes, you have to take over buildings. That is not violence…,” Moore said.

“And if you haven’t started an encampment at your college, do it. Take a stand. This is what’s so great about your generation. You know we handed you a sh–ty world. I mean, we, look I know my generation we did some good things, etc. etc. but let’s face it. Our planet, what we’ve done to it, how we haven’t stopped the bastards from what they’ve done to it. How some of our movements have been coopted by capitalist entities trying to be green by making some green for yourself,” Moore continued.

He took a shot at President Joe Biden who he said doesn’t have a “clue in his head” about the consequences of his “arming” Israel.

“What are we going to do? I know, because we’re not going to let Trump back in the White House,” he said. “So we’re going to figure this out, but until then, we first have to have our voices heard. So exercise your right to free speech.”

Frieda Powers


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