Mike Johnson allegedly apologized to Biden for ‘eye-roll memes that went around the world’ during SOTU

A recent report from a conservative outlet alleges that House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) apologized to President Biden following his State of the Union address.

The Speaker was exasperated with Biden’s speech which was riddled with inconsistencies and outright fibs, as well as a huge pile of leftist propaganda. Reportedly, he was caught on camera numerous times rolling his eyes behind Biden’s back which kicked off a number of memes. Johnson allegedly felt he owed Biden an apology for that according to Real Clear Politics.

Johnson is being hammered by conservatives in both the House and the Senate for pushing through billions in aid to Ukraine. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), and Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) are calling for the Speaker to vacate his seat immediately over it. Conservatives are not only incensed by Ukraine but by the out-of-control spending in Congress and Biden’s catastrophic border policies. News of the supposed apology is sure to incense them even further.

“You assume risk when you take this job. We don’t back away from risk. I’m going to do the right thing,” Johnson told Real Clear Politics in an interview, claiming bankrolling a land war isn’t “some minor measure on tax policy.”

He asserted it has “implications for the entire world,” adding, “What is popular isn’t always right; what’s right isn’t always popular.”

Evidently, Johnson thought an apology was needed for Biden.

“This past March, Johnson felt he owed Biden an apology. Seated just over the president’s shoulder during the State of the Union address, the speaker couldn’t mask his expressions of exhaustion and exasperation as Biden laid into Republicans. The two next met on Capitol Hill for the Friends of Ireland luncheon where Johnson toasted Biden as ‘America’s most famous Irishman.’ On loan from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, his pint glass was the same one Reagan used during a 1984 visit to Ireland. The Guinness the Southern Baptist speaker drank was non-alcoholic,” Real Clear Politics reported.

The Speaker is a self-proclaimed MAGA, conservative, and Christian. He doesn’t drink, smoke, or cuss either. But he does vote for Democratic bills it seems.

“Johnson pulled Biden aside to ‘apologize for the eye-roll memes that went around the world.’ The president laughed, then told the speaker he was glad Johnson was better behaved than [Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)] had been during the speeches of his predecessor: ‘I’m just grateful you didn’t rip my speech up.’ The speaker replied, ‘Well, Mr. President, don’t think my friends back home didn’t want me to light it on fire,'” the media outlet added.

“It may have been a missed opportunity. A little arson might have endeared him to the bomb-throwers in his caucus. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich recently commiserated that the current speaker was leading ‘the most complicated House since the Civil War,’ a sentiment Johnson doesn’t dispute. ‘It is an extraordinary time of challenge,’ he says as members of his own party plot against him,” Real Clear Politics observed.

According to the media outlet, just before the aide package passed, Johnson stated, “When I go home, I want to look my kids in the eye and tell them that daddy acted like a gentleman.”

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