‘Sick and twisted!’ Roseanne sends left into raging meltdown with ‘believe all women’ skit

Roseanne Barr’s brand of comedy may not be for everyone, and it’s fair to say that many people don’t understand her humor, but a video she shared online this week sent the left into a raging meltdown.

In the clip, Barr’s son asks his suddenly horrified mother if she is okay as they are shopping in a Bergdorf department store, and she replies that she is not.

“No, I’m not okay, because I just had a horrible flashback. A horrible memory right now,” Barr said. “I realize that 26 years ago, Joe Biden raped me right here in that dressing room in the shoe department where I went and changed my shoes. He raped me in here, Joe Biden. He raped me right here in the shoe department at Bergdorf Goodman.”

Her son asks, “Are you ok?”

“No, I’m not. I need to sue. I need to sue,” she replies.

The fact E. Jean Carroll was able to secure a favorable verdict from a New York City jury in her civil lawsuit against former President Donald Trump based on her allegation that Trump, a well-known celebrity figure at the time, raped her in 1996 in a dressing room at a busy 5th Ave. Bergdorf Goodman department store nearly three decades ago is comical in itself.

“She said that I did something to her that never took place. There was no anything. I know nothing about this nut job,” Trump said in court, according to transcripts of his testimony.

Even more comical is that Carroll, who once said on national TV “rape is sexy,” initially secured a $5 million judgement, only to go back to the well a second time with a defamation allegation to bag another $83 million, courtesy of a federal judge.

As for the aforementioned liberal meltdown, behold:

On the other hand, there are still those in America who appreciate what a national treasure Roseann Barr is:

Tom Tillison


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