More fun with street blockades! Really angry drivers confront fools blocking DC street

Climate change zealots who tried to block traffic in Washington, D.C., this weekend were met with ferocious pushback by local drivers.

“I want to go to work! I want to go to work!” one driver yelled as he ripped banners from the protesters’ hands.

“Get the f–k out of here! We have to go to f–king work! We’ve got kids to feed!!” another driver hollered.


Some drivers even reportedly “tried to reason” with the zealots, but to no avail, with the zealots arguing that such protests are necessary to save the planet.

When the authorities arrived on the scene, they gave the protesters one warning.

“You’re not getting three warnings,” they said.

The protesters refused to pick up and leave, so the police zip-tied and arrested all of the protesters, thus putting an end to the disruptive event.

The New York Post notes that the protest was organized by Declare Emergency, a radical group that wants to “disrupt the status quo” until President Joe Biden uses his emergency presidential powers to take drastic action against climate change.

“For us, this was a great way to honor the legacy of Dr. King and to carry on his tradition of disruptive, nonviolent civil disobedience!” the group tweeted after the protest.


The group also takes pride in its arrests.

“Mass arrest is an important strategy of historical nonviolence movements that demanded system change from their governments,” its website states.

“[E]very time the state imprisons us for nonviolently demanding a livable future, we win a moral battle. The more the state oppresses those asking for the right to live in a sustainable world, the less tenable its moral stance becomes in the eyes of the greater public,” the website continues.

According to the Post, Saturday’s protest marked the third such protest from Declare Emergency “to wreak havoc on DC thoroughfares in the past week — each of which appeared to involve the same protesters, despite their repeated arrests.”

A previous protest occurred last Wednesday on Interstate 395, with the climate change zealots reportedly sitting across three lanes of traffic while holding up their banners.

“Y’all holding me up. I got a godd–n job and s–t,” one driver complained as she slowly but surely forced her way through the protesters.

This time the protest lasted an hour long, thanks in part to one protester who’d glued his hand to the pavement.

Many of the same people who attended Wednesday’s protest also appeared two days earlier during a Monday protest.

“I get being upset, but rationally, just take a picture and send it to your boss,” one protester cheerily quipped as she was shouted down by furious commuters.

According to Fox News, these protests “follow protests in Europe which featured activists gluing their hands to the road to prevent them from being dragged away by drivers.

“Tensions flared in Germany following frequent protests at airports, theaters and the Autobahn. At one point a woman grabbed a climate protester by the hair and dragged her to the side of the road,” Fox News notes.

The protests also come following protests last week at Burning Man.

“Climate and anti-capitalist activists blocked a road leading into Burning Man on Sunday, the annual event’s opening day, creating miles of gridlock and leading to clashes with motorists and tribal rangers in the Nevada desert,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

“Video and photos posted on X, the website formerly known as Twitter, show a trailer blocking the road that leads to Black Rock City, along with about half a dozen protesters, some of whom locked themselves to the trailer, and banners with signs including ‘BURNERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!,’ ‘ABOLISH CAPITALISM,’ and ‘GENERAL STRIKE FOR CLIMATE,’ also blocked the road. A sign reading ‘Ban Private Jets’ was draped across the asphalt.”

See scenes from the Burning Man protest below:

Vivek Saxena


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