MSNBC analyst gloats that Trump dug ‘his own legal grave deeper’ with CNN town hall remarks

Days after former President Donald J. Trump took a flamethrower to CNN’s overmatched Kaitlan Collins at a town hall that will be talked about for a long time to come, leftists are spinning the cable news network’s still smoking dumpster fire as being even more problematic for the 2024 GOP frontrunner, with one MSNBC legal analyst claiming that it was one big, fat gift for special counsel Jack Smith.

According to Glenn “the walls are closing in” Kirschner, Trump’s pugnacious responses laid out a map to his impending doom that will allow Attorney General Merrick Garland’s legal hitman to follow the directions all the way to the federal indictment of the ex-POTUS that his enemies have been salivating over.

In expert legal commentary from the former prosecutor posted to his YouTube channel on Friday, Kirschner gloated that Trump handed Smith “actionable evidence” on a silver platter and that he has only succeeded in digging his own “legal grave deeper” in remarks that should come with a big caveat since he has rarely been right on anything that he has so far predicted to his gullible fans.

“Here’s what Kaitlan Collins asked Donald Trump about those documents,” he said, referring to the Mar-a-Lago materials that Smith is reportedly zooming in on. “When it comes to your documents. Did you ever show those classified documents to anyone? Trump’s answer Not really. I would have the right to, but not that I can think of. Friends, I predict those incriminating statements will be introduced into evidence at the future trial of the United States of America versus Donald Trump.”

(Video: YouTube/Glenn Kirschner)

“Down in Georgia, Kaitlan Collins asked him,” continued Kirschner. “You asked Brad Raffensperger, former secretary of state down in Georgia, you asked him to find you votes. Donald Trump’s answer, quote, I didn’t ask him to find anything close quote. Oh, really? Do you remember this headline from The New York Times? Trump in Taped Call Pressed Georgia Official to Find Votes to Overturn Election. And friends, we’ve all heard that recorded phone call on an endless loop when Trump is pressuring Brad Raffensperger to find 11,780 votes. Interestingly, how many he needed to win. I predict this incriminating statement will be introduced in the future criminal trial captioned Georgia versus Donald J. Trump and Friends.”

The MSNBC legal eagle then went to the current heroine of the so-called resistance since porn queen Stormy Daniels is temporarily out of the headlines, “whack job” columnist E. Jean Carroll.

“If all of that isn’t sufficiently mind boggling. Donald Trump’s determination to continue to directly incriminate himself, he also felt compelled to tell more defamatory lies about Jean Carroll right after a jury awarded her millions of dollars for in part. Donald Trump telling defamatory lies about her. In fact, the jury awarded punitive damages. Punitive damages are designed to punish Donald Trump for telling those defamatory lies. Punitive damages are designed to deter Donald Trump from telling defamatory lies in the future,” he said.

“And of course, within days of that jury verdict, Donald Trump goes right out and he does it all over again. You know, friends. Donald Trump will not be deterred by a jury’s verdict or punitive damages. Donald Trump will not be deterred by a judge’s admonitions that he shouldn’t say things like this. Donald Trump will not be deterred by a judge’s protective order or gag order. You know what will deter Donald Trump? A jail cell,” Kirschner added.

While Smith may have a reputation of being something of a merciless hardass, Trump seems to be unimpressed, trashing the second special counsel to embark upon a witch hunt against him as a “SLIMEBALL” who he accused of “going far beyond the original instructions of the Department of Injustice.”

“Yes, it’s taken too long. Yes, we’re frustrated. Yes, we’re impatient. Yes, Donald Trump should not be given a microphone and a platform to spew his lies, even if a byproduct of having that microphone, having that platform is he digs his own legal grave deeper because he continues to incriminate himself. That byproduct isn’t worth his ability to use that microphone and that platform to continue to spew his lies to our nation’s most gullible and most vulnerable. And in some instances most hateful. It is time to deter Donald Trump. Because justice matters,” Kirschner concluded.

Again, it’s hard to take the guy seriously, it was back in March when he predicted that this time – they’ve finally got him.

“It looks like the walls are just about touching at this point, and it would sure be nice to see some indictments pop out from between those walls,” he said of Trump.

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