MSNBC mercilessly mocked for claiming Biden docs are a ‘fiasco’ for Republicans

In the Twilight Zone existence where America currently finds itself, the liberal media has no shame.

A propaganda machine, so-called “news” outlets such as MSNBC either believe their viewers are stupid, or they are so fully invested in the Biden administration’s Kool-Aid, they don’t realize how ridiculous they sound.

Take analyst Fernand Amandi who made the case on Saturday’s broadcast of “MSNBC Reports” that the discovery of classified materials in Joe Biden’s garage won’t cause “any damage” for the President, but it is a “fiasco” for Republicans.

(Video: MSNBC)

“Oh, I don’t see any damage for Biden and the Democrats,” Amandi stated confidently. “I do, however, see a continuing problem for the non-base Republican voter who looks at this Republican Party who talked for the last two years about what they would do when given the reins of power in American government.”

Amandi was, of course, set up perfectly to blame Republicans for Biden’s shady ways by host Cori Coffin, who made it sound insane that anyone would think keeping classified documents next to a ’72 Corvette for years is anything like the documents discovered during an FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence.

“Predictably, Republicans are working the airwaves trying to convince Americans that Biden and Trump cases are one in [sic] the same,” she began. “Now, I guess the question could be will their base buy it?”

“Predictably,” Amandi ran with the juicy bone she threw.

“Like the Republican majority in Congress now has to actually do things to try and fix a certain situation that they think needed remedied, whether it be around the economy, whether it be around gas prices, any of these elements,” he said. “And yet, they’re engaged in the weaponization of the rule of law against political opponents.”

It’s a completely transparent inversion of events, but the “analyst” showed not a flicker of integrity as he attacked “MAGA” voters in his analysis.

“I think it’s a fiasco for them,” he declared. “And I think, again, any American voter who is a non-MAGA base voter will see this for what it is. And the more they draw this contrast and try and create what is clearly a false equivalency, Cori, I think it is going to blow up in their face.”

Amandi then revved up his best metaphor and hit the gas:

I mean, if you want a quick metaphor, this, with the classified documents and Vice President Biden, it’s the equivalent of, you know, driving on a country rural road. You maybe take your eyes off the car in front of you for a second to hit the car and then you pull over. Nobody’s watching. You call the police, you call the insurance, you report it, you fill out the paperwork and you move on in your life.

By comparison, what Trump has done is the equivalent of someone with ten DUIs driving in the middle of downtown without a, without a driver’s license, crashing into the police station lobby, and then walking away from the scene of the crime saying that your rights are being impeded on.

It’s absurd. And this is why the Republican embrace of Trump continues to be problematic. Had they distanced themselves from him after the January 6 insurrection, which coincidentally was led by President Trump, they might have the moral authority now to go after Biden with this optical problem.

Since that doesn’t exist, it only draws a contrast, which I don’t think Republicans in Congress are going to benefit from. When you have Donald Trump on the other side of what is being held up for someone to follow the rule of law, that’s always going to be a problem.

It’s an argument that requires one to check their brain matter at the door before swallowing.

And yet, Amandi didn’t so much as blush when he spewed it.

Online, Twitter users were quick to point that out.

“These people are beyond dumb,” stated one user. “YOU CAN NOT HAVE CLASSIFIED Stuff at your house. Period.”

“Has to be a very slow news day when your big news story is a “freelance” anchor for MSDNC [@CoriCoffin- last name fits her career] & unaccomplished PR tool for Dems [@AmandiOnAir],” another noted.

Others unleashed “weaponized” memes.

And at least one Twitter user chose to see the silver lining.

“Fortunately,” the user stated, “it was on MSNBC so not too many people saw it.”

Melissa Fine


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