Joe Scarborough goes ALL in on ‘red mirage’ narrative: When Republicans say they won, don’t believe them

The same cabal on the left that declared the 2020 presidential election the “most secure” in American history is already discounting the results of the 2022 midterm election and the polls are not even closed yet — this being the best indication that a red wave is imminent.

Yet, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is busy informing the American people that “we may not know all the winners of elections for a few days,” insisting it “takes time to count all legitimate ballots in a legal and orderly manner. That’s how this is supposed to work.” At the same time, the corporate media is pushing a “red mirage” narrative, saying Republicans will take an early lead Tuesday during the midterms but that this will prove to be artificial and that given enough time, Democrats will actually prevail in many races.

“As early Election Day results come in on Tuesday, it will likely appear that Republican candidates vying for any number of the federal or statewide races appear to be leading their Democratic opponents, even by large margins,” ABC News reported. “Their leads will dwindle, or crumble completely after perceived “dumps” of votes are recorded by state election officials who count mail-in and absentee ballots in the days — or even weeks — following Election Day.”

All the shenanigans over the outcome of an election yet to be counted leaving a bad taste in the mouth of many on the right, and speaking of a bad taste, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough is telling viewers not to believe Republicans when they announce that they’ve won — has there ever been a network that foments such an insurgent narrative as Comcast-owned MSNBC?

“The thing is, this red mirage, it always happens,” Scarborough said, running with the prescribed talking points. “Think about 2018. You’re watching 2018, most people that were watching, 9:00, 10:00: ‘Oh my God, Republicans are going to hold on to the House.’ And then suddenly, in Virginia, those states start moving Democratic. In California, over the next week, they start moving. There was actually a red mirage early in 2018. Democrats ended up picking up 44 seats or something in 2018 — 40 seats in 2018.”

“So, it always starts slow for Democrats,” he continued. “By the way, it may remain slow. I’m not cheerleading anything. I’m just saying, let’s just not allow people who hate American democracy to hijack the narrative tonight at 9:00 P.M.”

“People who hate democracy” being Republicans? This coming from the same camp that tried to claim Paul Pelosi’s attacker, a homeless, illegal immigrant, drug addict who supported Black Lives Matter, had “MAGA beliefs.”

As vile as Scarborough is with his rank partisanship that fits right in at MSNBC. he was just getting started. The “Morning Joe” host flat out accused the Republican Party of trying to “steal the election in 2020,” before comically denoting that the GOP always does well “the day of the election,” but that the subsequent counting that occurs in primarily Democratic strongholds in the days AFTER the election favors Democrats. You think?

“And by the way, the Republicans, their efforts to steal the election in 2020, it was very calculated,” he said. “You remember we had Steve Bannon saying, ‘No, we’re just going to declare victory at 10:00 or 11:00 at night?’ Well, in the months preceding that statement, there were people that were asking Republican legislatures in Michigan and Wisconsin and in Pennsylvania to count their votes the way Ron DeSantis’s Florida counts their votes. When you get the early votes, count them. That way, when the polls open at 7:00 or 8:00, all of those are tallied up just like that, and you know by 10:00 (pm) who won the election. Right?”

Florida being a problem for Democrats because as the third most populous state, the Sunshine State generally has all votes tallied within a few hours of the polls closing and can tell voters who prevailed.

Using a sniveling, high-pitched voice to mock Republicans his mistress-turned-bride Mika Brzezinski found amusing, Scarborough added, “So when you hear Republicans at 10:00 or 11:00 going, ‘All right, let’s just stop counting the votes, I won’ — when you hear that, understand this is all very calculated. They’re doing this for a reason because they understand Republicans do well day of. And it’s the early votes, right, so early votes where the Democrats catch up.”

So, to recap, when Democrats win elections, they are secure. When Republicans win, there is foul play afoot.

Tom Tillison


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