MSNBC’s Joy Reid and Chelsea Handler compete to out-stupid each other on Joe Manchin

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The left can’t stand that Sen. Joe Manchin, D-West Virginia, is actually voting with his constituents instead of the party elites. That hatred is manifesting itself in the form of terrible tweets by the likes of MSNBC host Joy Reid and comedian Chelsea Handler who appear to be in a competition to see which one of them can be more awful.

Kicking off the idiot Olympics is Reid, who suggested that the “powerful” senators representing West Virginia and Kentucky are up to no good in their states. She also called their constituents “overwhelmingly poor” as if that’s some sort of dig at the people who voted for them. Senator Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, is a favorite target of Reid, who can’t seem to wrap her brain around the idea of freedom.

“Anybody ever wonder: how can West Virginia and Kentucky have such powerful United States Senators repping them yet be so overwhelmingly poor? Somebody’s getting that money, and it ain’t ordinary West Virginians and Kentuckians… just a thought…” Reid tweeted, adding a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air GIF so everyone knows she’s thinking super hard about her own tweet.

Handler similarly struck out with her topical tweet on Manchin. It’s unclear how she makes a living as a comedian with “jokes” like these:

Luckily, Twitter wasn’t about to let these two ladies get away with treating two well-respected senators like trash:

Sierra Marlee


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