MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan speaks out after show cancelled by network

MSNBC personality Mehdi Hasan spoke out publicly for the first time since his show was canceled, putting a positive spin on his demotion and sucking up to his employer.

The left-wing host who has been criticized for his Israel-hating rhetoric was dropped from the regular lineup with his weekend show being eliminated along with being dumped by NBC’s video streaming service Peacock, a move that had his fans crying about Islamophobia. But in remarks posted to X, a humbled Hasan declined to bite the hand that feeds him.

“Yes the @MehdiHasanShow has ended on @peacock & will be ending on @MSNBC *next* month (still a few weeks left!) Thank you all for watching over the past 3 years. Going forward at @MSNBC, I’ll serve as a guest anchor across prime shows and beyond, & as an on-air political analyst,” he wrote.

“Thanks for the outpouring of love and support, & thanks of course to my amazing, talented team of producers on the @MehdiHasanShow,” Hasan added. “I’m humbled and so appreciative. I’m not going anywhere and you’ll hear from me lots in 2024.”

Hasan’s ouster from the regular lineup comes after he accused the Jewish state of war crimes on the same day that Hamas savages massacred over a thousand Israelis in a bloody attack on civilian areas, butchering women, children and babies in their own homes and parading around with the corpses of their victims like trophies.

“Hostage-taking of civilians is a war crime. What we’re witnessing in the Middle East right now are multiple war crimes. Some of us condemn war crimes there, regardless of whether the perpetrators are Israeli or Palestinian. Some only condemn war crimes by Palestinians,” Hasan wrote on X after news of the terrorist attack broke.

There were also the recently resurfaced remarks of him referring to non-Muslims as “animals” and linking homosexuals – a critical part of the Democratic Party base – to “pedophiles” and “sexual deviants,” a view widely held by those of the Islamic faith.

“Hard to imagine MSNBC allowing someone on television who said similar things about a different religion — let alone giving them a show!” wrote the New York Post’s Jon Levine earlier this week, sharing a clip of Hasan’s inflammatory remarks.

Chris Donaldson


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