Mugshots of ‘white’ criminals raise eyebrows: ‘Cooking the books’

The mugshots of several “white” prisoners with something very fishy about them have sparked a lively conversation on social media.

The explosion of black crime as a consequence of measures to level the playing field for criminals after the death of George Floyd is a major political problem for Democrats who backed calls to defund the police and efforts to manage perception in an election year are seemingly in full swing.

A post to the X platform by the popular Libs of TikTok account shows the booking photos of four black criminals who other than their skin pigmentation and proclivity for lawless behavior, all have one thing in common: they are identified as “white” in the New Jersey inmate database.

The cooked booking descriptions that are incompatible with the reality of the photos of the perps drew a strong reaction to the LOTT post.

In a country that’s under the control of cynical political manipulators, it’s now par for the course to simply lie about that which is obvious if it goes against the official narrative of the ruling Democratic party and the corrupted institutions that serve it.

It’s never going to be called out by the dishonest media, the same one that ran interference for the violent BLM and Antifa thugs who torched cities and terrorized the public during the 2020 race riots after Floyd’s unfortunate demise while resisting arrest.

As long as the majority of Americans get their information from polluted mainstream media sources they will be convinced that down is up, war is peace, freedom is slavery and black is white.

Chris Donaldson


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