Multiple-times jabbed Bernie Sanders says he has COVID, pays homage to vaccine

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who has been vaccinated multiple times, just came down with COVID and he still sings the praises of the jab, claiming that he’s glad to be “up to date with the vaccine.”

The socialist senator is now 82 years old. His symptoms are reportedly mild and he will work from home while he’s in isolation per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“I have tested positive for Covid,” Sanders wrote on X Thursday. “My symptoms are minimal and I will continue to work from home in Vermont while isolating in accordance with CDC guidance. I am glad to be fully up to date with the vaccine.”

“The infection comes after the Senate concluded its business for the year — it will return to session on Jan. 8, 2024. CDC guidelines recommend an infected person isolate for at least five days or until symptoms subside if symptoms stretch beyond that period. People are also encouraged to continue wearing a mask through day 10, regardless of when they end isolation,” the Washington Examiner reported.

According to the CDC, there has been an uptick in COVID cases across the country over the last few months and they are pushing masks once again. Few Americans are willing to go down that road again. The Northeast is the hardest hit this time around when it comes to respiratory infections and viruses. The most viral strain making the rounds is the variant JN.1. It is believed to be responsible for 39-50% of all COVID infections.

“JN.1’s continued growth suggests that the variant is either more transmissible or better at evading our immune systems than other circulating variants,” the CDC asserted. “It is too early to know whether or to what extent JN.1 will cause an increase in infections or hospitalizations.”

Despite that claim, they insist existing vaccines, tests, and treatments all work against the variant. Infections are allegedly the highest they’ve been since the omicron variant arrived on the scene in 2022 and most who are currently hospitalized due to COVID are 65 and older.

State Epidemiologist Dr. Pasty Kelso told Vermont Public in an interview that there’s no evidence, so far, that JN.1 poses any greater risk than other related variants.

Meanwhile, Sanders is passing the time attacking Israel over hunting down Hamas in Gaza, going on hate-filled rants against the Jewish state.

“Sen. Bernie Sanders plans to force a Senate vote in January on a measure to probe Israel’s bombing campaign in Gaza, and he is accusing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government of ‘atrocities’ as it continues its war against Hamas,” The Messenger reported.

“The Vermont Independent on Dec. 14 introduced a Senate resolution under the Foreign Assistance Act, which allows Congress to request information on a country’s human rights practices. Such requests are privileged, allowing the sponsor to force a floor vote on the requesting resolution, according to Sanders’ office,” the outlet added.

Sanders took his shrill, unhinged railing to the Senate floor.

“While it is clear that Israel has the absolute right to respond militarily against a brutal terrorist attack, it is also clear that Netanyahu’s right-wing, extremist government is waging that war, that response in a deeply reckless and immoral way,” Sanders accused Israel in a Senate floor speech. “A just cause for war does not excuse atrocities in the conduct of that war, and that is precisely what we are seeing.”

As the Vermont senator tried to have it both ways on Israel, X users dragged him all over the place for praising the jab after he contracted COVID:


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