Murky ‘right-wing’ Patriot Front is suddenly back and Elon Musk has some thoughts

The mysterious khaki-clad masked men of the so-called right-wing extremist group Patriot Front turned out for a march in Charleston, WV on Saturday.

With attention focused on the brewing menace of domestic anti-Semitism as the pro-Hamas protests in New York City have spread to other parts of the country, it seems as if Americans need a reminder of the real threat to America, at least according to the chronically dishonest Biden regime.

The group which sporadically appears without fanfare, often being carried to their destination in U-Haul or other moving vans and then quickly disappearing, showed up in the Mountain State’s capital city where they marched down Capital Street to the beat of a drummer with a banner reading “America is not for sale.”

The highly suspicious Patriot Front isn’t fooling many on the X platform, the only truly free media source in a country that is inundated by state propaganda and an endless supply of hoaxes.

“On the same day, the YWCA Charleston had a Race to End Racism in the capital city, a group of men from the white supremacist group Patriot Front marched through the streets of downtown,” West Virginia Public Broadcasting  (WVPB) reported. “Witnesses reported seeing the men unload two U-Haul trucks at Daniel Boone Park and marching to the Capitol in front of the statue of Confederate General Stonewall Jackson, on Kanawha Boulevard and California Street. They then marched down the boulevard and turned onto Capitol Street.”

One X user, Wall Street Silver, caught the attention of the platform’s billionaire owner Elon Musk with his take that the complete lack of media interest in unmasking the “white supremacist” group is a dead giveaway that they’re not for real.

“How can you be sure they are Feds? Because the legacy news media is not spending any effort to unmask or destroy their lives. The corporate media was told to ignore this by their handlers at the FBI. If Patriot Front were a real organic group, the reaction would be completely different,” the user wrote.

The Tesla/SpaceX CEO and self-proclaimed “free speech absolutist” seemed to be in agreement with Wall Street Silver’s observation.

“Does seem strange that there is no effort to unmask or otherwise identify everyone in the group,” Musk said.

Other users also expressed skepticism that Patriot Front is what it is advertised as with the belief that they are strictly a fed-created product.

“It is important for our community to celebrate coming together and stand up against hate. When our city team learned of a national hate group demonstrating earlier today, we acted quickly and appropriately to make sure all in our community remained safe,” Charleston’s Democrat Mayor Amy Goodwin said in a statement.

With the need for a bait and switch to divert voter attention away from the Democratic party’s Jew-hating base, it’s likely that Patriot Front will be very busy in the coming months.

Chris Donaldson


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