Fetterman zings college protesters: ‘I don’t believe living in a pup tent for Hamas is really helpful’

More commonsense from the commonwealth saw Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman (D) landing another body blow against terrorist sympathizing college kids.

While hardly a hero of conservatism, the stroke-recovering former Lt. Gov. turned congressman candor, especially regarding the Middle East, has made his critiques of leftist activists particularly devastating when compared to the swamp-swayed faltering of many of his Democratic peers.

The “Still with Israel” senator further stuck to his guns after escalating campus protests and joined NewsNation host Chris Stirewalt on “The Hill Sunday” to land another rebuke against the keffiyeh-clad quad occupiers.

“Now, of course, it’s a great American value to protest, but I don’t believe living in a pup tent for Hamas is really helpful,” said Fetterman matter-of-factly.

The direct strike against the tirade-throwing proponents of the BDS movement, favoring boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel, came as the more sinister element beneath that of the sign-waving useful idiots had surfaced.

“I will say this is that it’s very clear, there is a very germ of antisemitism in all of these protests. And then sometimes it flares up,” the senator told Stirewalt making a specific reference to the since-banned from campus agitator Khymani James who had declared on social media, “Zionists don’t deserve to live.”

“What is a Zionist? A white supremacist,” said the Columbia University protester in a video circulating online. “Zionists don’t deserve to live comfortably, let alone Zionists don’t deserve to live.”

“So let’s be very clear here,” he went on to add during the incendiary remarks, “I’m not saying that I’m going to go out and start killing Zionists. What I’m saying is that if an individual that identifies as a Zionist threatens my physical safety in person, i.e., puts their hands on me, I am going to defend myself. And in that scenario, it may come to a point where I don’t know when to stop.”

“And then he defended himself by saying, ‘Well, those were taken out of context,'” pointed out Fetterman. “And I’m like, well, that’s very similar to the way that college presidents — that same kind of language and those kinds of monocultures that create situations and that replicates.”

“And it’s no surprise that when you’re kind of seeing this manifest in a campus like this,” he added.

The senator’s take on the campus disruptions that had impacted commencement ceremonies and sent some into virtual learning out of safety concerns followed a recent lambaste of coffee shop protesters where he said, “I don’t know who needs to hear this, but blocking a bridge or berating folks in Starbucks isn’t righteous, it just makes you an a**hole. Demand Hamas to send every hostage back home and surrender.”

That sentiment was reiterated to Stirewalt as Fetterman pointed out nearly seven months after the Oct. 7 terror attack on Israel sparked their counteroffensive, “Hamas could end it right now, immediately. They could release the last hostage and they could surrender. And all of the misery, and the death and the destruction, ends right there.”

Kevin Haggerty


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