Musk, some GOP lawmakers decry ‘dumb’ Biden conviction: ‘millions of marijuana users own guns in this country’

Because they actually have principles, a number of figures on the right have been slamming Hunter Biden’s guilty gun verdict.

As previously reported, Biden was convicted on Wednesday of lying about his drug addiction while purchasing a firearm years ago. He now faces a maximum of up to 25 years in prison, though his status as a first-time offender strongly suggests he’ll face zero jail time.

Regardless, according to several figures either on the right or close to the right, this shouldn’t even be a crime to begin with. Of course, this doesn’t mean Hunter doesn’t deserve prosecution for other things (wink, wink).

Hunter might deserve to be in jail for something, but purchasing a gun is not it,” Rep. Thomas Massie explained in a tweet.

There are millions of marijuana users who own guns in this country, and none of them should be in jail for purchasing or possessing a firearm against current laws,” he added.

Can you imagine anyone on the left — a single person — coming to the defense of someone on the right in a similar scenario? Probably not, and that’s because the left is devoid of any fundamental principles.

Billionaire Elon Musk, the right-leaning centrist owner of the pro-free speech social media platform X, agreed with Massie.

“I agree. He (and others) should be in jail for impugning the integrity of the United States by taking bribes for political favors, but not for this pseudo-crime,” Musk tweeted.

According to Biden’s critics, his REAL CRIMES entail using his family name to lobby on behalf of corrupt foreign firms like Ukraine’s Burisma so as to enrich both himself and his father, current President Joe Biden.

Moreover, his critics say, this whole gun case is a smokescreen designed to, number one, distract attention away from Biden’s real crimes, and two, justify the lawfare against former President Donald Trump.

“This is a fake trial trying to make the Justice system appear ‘balanced,'” Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk tweeted.

Former Trump administration official Stephen Miller kept it even blunter: “DOJ is running election interference for Joe Biden— that’s why DOJ did NOT charge Hunter with being an unregistered foreign agent (FARA) or any crime connected with foreign corruption.”


Keep in mind that quite a bit of evidence exists that Biden benefitted massively from using his father’s name to secure deals.

“On multiple occasions, Hunter Biden put his father on speakerphone during business meetings or arranged for his father to join him and his associates for coffee,” Bloomberg notes.

Meanwhile, House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer has obtained checks written by Biden to his father that he believes prove his father also profited from its illegal exploits.

“Payments to Joe Biden from Hunter’s Owasco PC corporate account are part of a pattern revealing Joe Biden knew about, participated in, and benefited from his family’s influence peddling schemes,” Comer wrote in a press release published in December.

“As the Bidens received millions from foreign nationals and companies in China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Kazakhstan, Joe Biden dined with his family’s foreign associates, spoke to them by speakerphone, had coffee, attended meetings, and ultimately received payments that were funded by his family’s business dealings,” the press release continues.

Vivek Saxena


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