Trump shoots down ‘ridiculous’ WaPo report on mandatory military service

Deflective doom-saying from the Washington Post had former President Donald Trump slapping down a “ridiculous idea” about his alleged plans for conscription.

While Russian naval vessels conducted exercises on their way to Cuba and tensions remained volatile in the Middle East, the fear-mongering corporate media deployed their scare tactics against the president under whom no new wars had started. On Tuesday, after the Post peddled the potential for mandatory military service in the GOP leader’s second term, Trump offered his take on the story’s objective.

On Truth Social, the GOP leader wrote, “The Fake News Washington Post came up with the ridiculous idea that Donald J. Trump will call for Mandatory Military Service. This is only a continuation of their EIGHT YEAR failed attempt to damage me with the Voters.”

“The Story is completely untrue,” stated Trump. “In fact, I never even thought of that idea. Only a degenerate former Newspaper, which has lost 50% of its Readers, would fabricate such a tale. Just another Fake Story, one of many, made up by the DEAD Washington Compost!”

The Washington Post came to their conclusion by referencing former acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller’s previous suggestion that mandatory service be “strongly considered,” as well as his proposal that the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) be a requirement for students enrolled in schools receiving federal funding.

Miller’s inclusion of that idea in a chapter of the Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025, a 180-day playbook for “an effective conservative administration” at what would be the start of Trump’s second term in office, was also admittedly not a plan the president had endorsed.

“Trump has been complimentary of Miller’s performance during his administration and suggested that, if there is a second term, he might reprise his role as defense secretary, a powerful Cabinet post with sway over Pentagon policy,” stated the newspaper before adding, “And though the former president has not weighed in on this Heritage strategy document, he did embrace many of the organization’s proposals at the outset of his first term.”

Citing Ohio Sen. J.D. Vance (R), who’d stipulated outside of wartime he liked the idea of more Americans putting “some skin in the game,” and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham (R), who took “no option off the table” to address missed enlistment quotas, the Post contended that Miller was “among a cluster of influential former administration officials and GOP lawmakers who have mused aloud a national service mandate and other measures to remedy what they see as a ‘crisis’ facing the all-volunteer military.”

Meanwhile, as the policies of President Joe Biden’s administration saw waning interest in military service as many raised concerns over indoctrination and a woke agenda, Pennsylvania Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (D) recently reinforced her support for a mandatory draft sign-up, having previously expressed her support of having young women also register for Selective Service.

“We really sort of saw this as a chance to both save government resources, save taxpayer dollars, and to help young men avoid the special challenges later in life that can come from not having registered,” one of her aides had told Task & Purpose regarding the idea of automatic enrollment at 18-years-old.

Kevin Haggerty


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