Really?! San Fran transit introduces crime-thwarting ‘intervention cards’ that need to be seen to be believed

In a moronic twist, the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system in San Francisco is pushing “intervention cards” that can be used if you are harassed or attacked and young leftists appear to love them.

Two wallet-sized cards are now available for riders to hand to bystanders should they need help or support during harassment or an attack. Apparently, it did not occur to these bureaucrats and young Marxists that fishing out a card while you are being bludgeoned to death or raped isn’t feasible.

A youth design team created the cards donning nifty statements such as “I Got You” and “You Got Me?”, they also include actionable items that riders can take amid a violent situation. The laughable instructions even advise on reporting incidents to police or just simply standing with the victim.

“As young people are still trying to find their voices and figuring out how to navigate and decipher harassment, a physical card you can hand someone is an effective tool to precipitate the shift from being a bystander to becoming an agent of change,” BART counseled.

“The cards are available for pick up at each Station Agent booth at BART, and Ambassadors and Crisis Intervention Specialists will carry the cards and give them out when engaging riders. BART and the Betti Ono Foundation will also work to distribute the cards to youth through community organizations, events, and schools,” the transit authority noted.

BART enlisted two young women who touted the new card in a promotional video: “If everyone has one, we’ll just be able to support each other so much better and feel safer!”


Some critics had hoped it was an early April Fools’ joke, but it was real:

According to ABC15 News, “The Bystander Intervention Safety Cards initiative is part of the ‘Not One More Girl’ campaign, which BART employed with community organizations to end “gender-based” violence on public transportation.”

“BART has struggled to recapture its ridership levels from before the pandemic, with Bay Area residents citing crime concerns in a May poll. Fifty-three percent of respondents claimed someone they knew was a victim on the system,” the media outlet added.

The looney project gets even more bonkers the more you learn about it.

“The Bystander Intervention Card and the Not One More Girl campaign is the result of a partnership between BART, the Betti Ono Foundation, and the Unity Council’s Latina Mentorship and Achievement Program. These organizations collaborated to engage local high school and college students, gathering insights about transit experiences and soliciting ideas for action-based strategies to enhance safety and support individuals facing harassment on public transit,” The Publica reported.

“The safety initiative, developed with young women and girls ages 9 and up, looked to initiate different strategies to deal with the uptick in safety concerns on public transit in recent years. In its definition of ‘girls and women,’ BART emphasized ‘inclusivity’ and noted its commitment to ‘cis girls, trans girls, non-binary youth, gender non-conforming youth, gender queer youth, and any girl-identified youth,'” the outlet added.

A number of users on X had thoughts on this lamebrain and potentially dangerous development.

@Slatzism astutely pointed out, “My hands struggle to find the Bystander Intervention Card buried deep in the confines of my purse while my head is repeatedly bludgeoned by a neurodivergent racialized person of housing instability as hundreds of people watch in curiosity, unsure of if I require assistance.”

Ian Miles Cheong nailed it, “This is as pointless as Finland’s ‘Don’t Touch My No No Square’ campaign to stop migrants from harassing women.”

“I cannot believe this is real. These people live in an alternate reality where a piece of paper is going to magically stop a deranged addict with a knife,” Justin Gordon wrote on X.

California lawyer and Californians for Good Governance member Laura Powell mocked the cards, “A few years ago, I was in a busy BART station in SF waiting for a train when a guy walked up to me and started shouting obscenities in my face and then spit on me. I guess if I had one of these cards, someone would have stopped him. Safety as a card game!”

Somehow, it seems doubtful that deranged violent thugs on a bus or subway train would care in the least about these cards.

The cards were dragged all over X and rightfully so:


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