‘Everybody calm down’: Mika and Joe get into tense spat over bailing on Biden

Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski recognized that President Biden’s debate performance against former President Donald Trump was “terrible,” but she wasn’t quite ready to sink USS Biden.

Co-host Joe Scarborough, on the other hand, was convinced Trump would defeat Biden in November “unless there’s a change,” and contributor Mike Barnicle agreed that the cognitively challenged 81-year-old president was “not up to” the task at hand Thursday night, allowing “every fastball” to fly by him — he characterized pretty much everything Trump said as lies.

(Video Credit: MSNBC)

“You saw Donald Trump for fully an hour and a half lying about every single issue that impacts people’s lives,” Barnicle said. “Lying about abortion, lying lying about taxes, lying about the economy – just full-blown lies. Unfortunately, last night, President Biden let every fastball hanging out over the plate go by as a strike for Donald Trump. That’s an indication he was just not up to it last night.”

When Brzezinski chimed in to tell everyone to “calm down,” hubby Scarborough got a little snippy with the missus.

“Okay, okay – hold on a second,” Brzezinski said. “I agree with everything you said except for the last part of it. Everybody, calm down. I’ll tell you why. I mean, it’s fine to not spin what happened last night, and we’re not going to. He had a terrible night.”

“By the way, Mika, everyone is calm here,” Scarborough interrupted. “You’re the only one raising your voice, everybody is calm here.”

“But, again, it’s the [position of] ‘let’s just immediately pull this, let’s end this, let’s find someone else,'” Brzezinski replied.

“That attitude toward this is what I am saying slow down on,” she added. “Because, again, there’s no spinning it, but let’s be balanced. Let’s for once show some balance in a media world that is so shrill with imbalance that we’ve become used to this.”

Again, Scarborough felt the need to correct his wife/cohost.

“First of all, we show balance,” he said. “Second, no one is panicking. I said these with questions Joe Biden and Democrats need to ask themselves. Mike said he missed one pitch down the middle after another and wasn’t up to it last night, right, okay. Wasn’t up to it last night. He said last night, so I will say, it’s not panic. I mean, it’s not being panicked.”

“Understand what’s at stake in this election, understand the window is closing very quickly,” Scarborough concluded. “If Joe Biden is not up to doing this, and if last night did not reveal that to you and other Democrats, then it needs to be revealed pretty soon.”

Interestingly, Mediaite reported, “The tense exchange between Scarborough and Brzezinski was edited out of Morning Joe when the network rebroadcast a portion of the show at the 8 a.m. hour.”

Tom Tillison


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