Netanyahu scoffs at the ‘absurdity’ of Gays for Gaza: ‘You’d be shot in the back of the head’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was already loathed by a sizable chunk of Democrats and their anti-Semitic base, and that was before he blasphemed a very special demographic.

The anger toward the leader of the Jewish state boiled over this week after a video in which he accused the Biden administration of withholding weapons shipments, with the White House lashing out and congressional Dems led by “Squad” diva Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) demanding that he be prevented from giving a speech next month.

His latest remarks, about LGBTQ support for Hamas,  will only intensify the hatred for him from party members, who have a very real fear that the lack of a ceasefire could cost President Joe Biden the election.

In an interview with Punchbowl News, Bibi lamented the amount of U.S. support for Hamas, especially from gay folks, considering that in Gaza, as in other countries that adhere to strict Islamic doctrine, homosexuality is not something that’s accepted, and in some cases, is a death sentence to its practitioners.

“Let me ask you about your speech next month. What is your goal? Some Democrats say they’re not going. You might be speaking to a room predominantly of Republicans. What is your goal and how do you respond to criticism that it will be overtly partisan and playing to Republicans?” Netanyahu was asked by Jake Sherman of Punchbowl News.

Bibi answered, “I’m not a partisan, I’m not a Republican or a Democrat. I’m an Israeli patriot, and I speak on behalf of the Israeli people. I’m happy to see that in one poll after another when Americans are asked who do they support in this world? 80 percent say Israel and 20 percent say Hamas. 20 percent supporting Hamas is still an incredible number.”

“Who are they supporting — these murderers, these rapists of women, the beheaders of babies, the burning of innocent civilians, the taking of hostages, including Holocaust survivors,” Netanyahu continued. “Well, it may not be that surprising because 20%, more or less, say that bin Laden was right and America was wrong. So there’s obviously an issue that affects parts of American society that challenges not Israel but challenges America.”

“The people who protest with these killers … You have Gays for Gaza. That’s an absurdity if I’ve ever heard one. If you are gay in Gaza, you’ll be shot in the back of the head,” the Israeli leader said, adding, “Women for Gaza. What are women in Gaza — they’re chattel and other such absurdities.”

The IDF may have bombed Rafah, but Netanyahu is dropping truth bombs on America.

Chris Donaldson


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