‘Power of the motherf*cking Bronx!’ Desperate Dem squad member RAGES in foul-mouthed tirade

Smears and swears swept the South Bronx as an embattled Hamas sympathizing “Squad” member vowed, “We gonna show them who the f*ck we are!”

Saturday in St. Mary’s Park, well outside the southern Westchester County-comprised 16th congressional district New York Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D) was elected to represent, a rally was held ahead of Tuesday’s looming primary.

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With Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) and New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D) adding their support for the incumbent polling double digits behind his challenger, Westchester County Executive George Latimer (D), Bowman put on a spectacle with his “guns out” exceeding what many on the pearl-clutching left might readily refer to as incitement.

“We are gonna show f*cking AIPAC the power of the motherf*ckin’ South Bronx,” raged Bowman into his microphone bringing up the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a lobbying group that has remained a target of anti-Israel activists.

Caution: Foul Language

“People ask me why I got a foul mouth. What am I supposed to do?” he asked before throwing out accusations. “You comin’ after me, you comin’ after my family, you comin’ after my children. I’m not supposed to fight back? I’m not supposed to fight back?”

“We gonna show them who the f*ck we are!” the fire alarm-pulling legislator asserted before waving his arms and jumping around on stage. “We gonna show them who the f*ck we are!”

While the district he actually represents was noted for having a large Jewish population and the congressman had attempted to walk back his claims that reports of the atrocities committed by Hamas on the men, women and children of Israel were “propaganda,” Bowman remained unapologetically opposed to Israel’s right to defend itself Saturday as he called for a “permanent ceasefire” before waving a stool around as he led the South Bronx crowd in a chant of “Ceasefire now!”

“We are not gonna stand silent while U.S. tax dollars kills [sic] babies, and women and children,” he continued before leveling a serious, albeit unfounded, allegation against Latimer, “My opponent supports genocide. My opponent and AIPAC are the ones destroying our democracy. And it is on us, it is on all of us, to save our democracy.”

“This race is about our collective humanity,” he furthered, interspersed with shoutouts to attendees. “It’s about the grace of our humanity, it’s about the love of each other and the love of our humanity. That is what this is about. And so, we cannot let AIPAC, or anyone else, take our humanity.”

In promoting the rally, Ocasio-Cortez had accused Latimer of getting support from outside donors. “Big money, from AIPAC to Wall Street, have poured millions to buy this election.”

A report from Politico indicated “just 10 percent of Bowman’s campaign contributions come from his neighbors, more than half of Latimer’s donations come from within the district.”

“And on June 25th at 11 o’clock at night, once we win this race, Inshallah,” peppered in the Muslim lawmaker, “we will be liberated!”

Kevin Haggerty


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