New York Times editorial board pleads with the ‘once great’ Republican Party to reject Trump

The editorial board at the New York Times warned that former President Donald Trump is “dangerous” and “unfit to lead” as it called on the Republican Party to reject him.

Days after two editorials urging President Joe Biden to end his re-election bid, the Times board blasted the effect Trump has had on his party, arguing that Republicans have forgotten their long-standing values and are being used to serve “the interests of one man.”

“A once great political party now serves the interests of one man, a man as demonstrably unsuited for the office of president as any to run in the long history of the Republic, a man whose values, temperament, ideas and language are directly opposed to so much of what has made this country great,” the board wrote.

“It is a chilling choice against this national moment,” the editorial added.

“The Republican Party once pursued electoral power in service to solutions for such problems, to building ‘the shining city on a hill,’ as Ronald Reagan liked to say. Its vision of the United States — embodied in principled public servants like George H.W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney — was rooted in the values of freedom, sacrifice, individual responsibility, and the common good,” the essay continued.

“The party’s conception of those values was reflected in its longstanding conservative policy agenda, and today many Republicans set aside their concerns about Mr. Trump because of his positions on immigration, trade, and taxes. But the stakes of this election are not fundamentally about policy disagreements. The stakes are more foundational: what qualities matter most in America’s president and commander in chief,” the board contended.

The editorial board claimed Trump has shown an “utter lack of respect for the Constitution, the rule of law, and the American people,” declaring that the former president “is animated by a thirst for political power.”

“He is, quite simply, unfit to lead.”

Amid “legitimate concerns” about Trump being in charge of the country, the board acknowledged that Democrats are in a hard place because of Biden’s mental and physical fitness for office. But, ultimately, it is the fear of a Trump presidency that drives the narrative.

“It is a national tragedy that the Republicans have failed to have a similar debate about the manifest moral and temperamental unfitness of their standard-bearer, instead setting aside their longstanding values, closing ranks, and choosing to overlook what those who worked most closely with the former president have described as his systematic dishonesty, corruption, cruelty, and incompetence,” the editorial board contended.

“The Republican Party is making its choice next week; soon all Americans will be able to make their own choice. What would Mr. Trump do in a second term? He has told Americans who he is and shown them what kind of leader he would be,” the essay continued. “When someone fails so many foundational tests, you don’t give him the most important job in the world.”

Frieda Powers


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