Nikki Haley offers take on Trump’s nickname for her: ‘He’s losing it’

White House hopeful and media-anointed GOP 2024 nominee Nikki Haley responded to former President Donald J. Trump’s recently unveiled nickname for her, the latest in the line of colorful monikers for his political opponents.

During an appearance on Fox News, the former South Carolina governor and U.S. ambassador to the United Nations boasted about her “surging” momentum, which is not reflected by the actual poll numbers, and the current frontrunner’s referring to her as “Birdbrain” in missives on his Truth Social platform and in campaign trail speeches.

On Friday’s edition of “The Story” the candidate was asked by Martha MacCallum about the nickname as well as Team Trump’s criticism of her as a “puppet” of “a corrupt network of globalist RINO donors” after she was endorsed by the influential Koch network.

(Video: Fox News)

“Look, all these guys know that we’re surging in the polls so they’re all starting to hit,” Haley told MacCallum.

“The nickname, he’s losing it, it’s not even a funny nickname. I don’t even think it was that great,” added the ambitious former member of the Trump administration, brushing off the unflattering “Birdbrain” description while seeking to spin her former boss as being weak on China.

“But you look at everything else he says, he knows how strong I was when it came to China. I was actually tougher on China than he was,” she continued. “He just handled the trade part of China but he didn’t do anything about the fentanyl flow. He didn’t do anything about them stealing intellectual property.”

“He didn’t do he didn’t do anything about them buying U.S. land, he didn’t do anything about defeating all of the intrusion that was happening in our universities from police stations to creating a spy center off the coast of Cuba. We’re gonna have to deal with all of that because he didn’t deal with any of it,” Haley said.

“MAGA, or I, will never go for Birdbrain Nikki Haley. No loyalty, plenty of lies! ‘I will never run against our great President,’ she said,’he has done an outstanding job.’ To which I responded, ’How nice of you to say, Nikki,’ knowing full well that her words mean nothing. She even came to Mar-a-Lago with her family, ‘bearing gifts.’ Anyway, Birdbrain doesn’t have the TALENT or TEMPERAMENT to do the job. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” Trump said in a September Truth Social post in which he unveiled the latest addition to his nickname collection.

While Haley may be “surging” according to her media cheerleaders, Trump delivered the grim reality to the establishment that in some polls, “Birdbrain” is struggling to break out of single digits, mocking her during a Saturday event in the critical early voting state of Iowa.

After the Charles Koch-backed group Americans for Prosperity Action formally endorsed Haley last week, the Trump campaign responded.

In an appeal to supporters reported by left-leaning website Mediaite, Team Trump said, “a corrupt network of globalist RINO donors announced they’re going to spend TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to prop up a puppet GOP candidate to try and defeat us in the primary,” the email says. “Voting begins in only 48 DAYS – and these RINO backstabbers are now going to launch a last-minute vicious assault against us in the early primary states.”

The former president himself recently noted that Haley isn’t on board with the America First agenda, scoffing at her support from JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.

(Screenshot: Truth Social)

“Highly overrated Globalist Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMORGAN, is quietly pushing another non-MAGA person, Nikki Haley, for President. I’ve never been a big Jamie Dimon fan, but had to live with this guy when he came begging to the White House. I guess I don’t have to live with him anymore, and that’s a really good thing!” Trump wrote on Truth Social last week.

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