No help from SCOTUS for jailed Peter Navarro

Former Trump adviser Peter Navarro, a de facto political prisoner of the Biden regime, was rejected for a second time by the Supreme Court in a request to get out of prison while he appeals a conviction for contempt of Congress.

Navarro, 74, has been in the Federal Correctional Institute in Miami since mid-March, after a district judge sentenced him to four months in prison for defying a congressional subpoena issued by former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s one-sided, politically-motivated Jan. 6 select committee.

He is the first former White House official to be imprisoned for contempt of Congress. A second former Trump adviser, Steve Bannon, was also found guilty of two counts of contempt of Congress and given a four-month sentence, but the judge overseeing his case put the penalty on hold while Bannon appeals.

“Navarro has argued that he believed he was bound by executive privilege when he defied the subpoena, but the judge overseeing the case found there was no evidence that the privilege was ever invoked,” CBS News reported. “A three-judge panel on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit rejected an effort by Navarro to delay his sentence, finding he is unlikely to win a new trial or reverse his conviction.”

In a filing to the Supreme Court, Navarro’s attorney, Stanley Woodward, argued that his client “is indisputably neither a flight risk nor a danger to public safety should he be released pending appeal.”

“For the first time in our nation’s history, a senior presidential advisor has been convicted of contempt of Congress after asserting executive privilege over a congressional subpoena,” the attorney said. “Dr. Navarro has appealed and will raise a number of issues on appeal that he contends are likely to result in the reversal of his conviction, or a new trial.”

Chief Justice John Roberts denied Navarro’s initial attempt to remain free while he pursued the appeal the day before he was put behind bars. In April, the former Trump aide renewed his request to Justice Neil Gorsuch, which is allowed under Supreme Court rules when an emergency application is denied by a single justice, according to CBS News.

The latest request to Gorsuch was referred to the full court, which denied it without comment during its closed-door conference on Friday.

For what it’s worth, MSNBC host Katie Wang celebrated keeping a 74-year-old man in prison for what amounts to political retaliation:


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