‘No one elected you’: Megyn Kelly torches ‘power-hungry’ Jill Biden for wanting a ‘shadow presidency’

Megyn Kelly ripped into “power hungry” First Lady Jill Biden, accusing her of running a “shadow presidency” by using her husband President Joe Biden.

Speaking with UK journalist Piers Morgan, Kelly described Jill Biden as a “power-hungry aspirant” who has been propping herself up at the expense of her husband. Kelly’s comments came amid the ongoing fallout from Biden’s disastrous debate performance which has triggered even those in his own party who are calling for him to step aside.

“You can feel the tide shifting and it’s irreversible,” the host of “The Megyn Kelly Show” told Morgan after recounting the many ways Biden has been bleeding support since the 90-minute CNN debate with former President Donald Trump.

(Video Credit: Piers Morgan Uncensored)

“What do you think of Jill Biden’s role here and her responsibilities?” Morgan asked her Wednesday on “Piers Morgan Uncensored.”

“I think she’s been exposed as a power-hungry aspirant herself to political power. She is on the cover of Vogue magazine right now. Why? Because she wants to promote herself,” Kelly replied.

“She tweeted out a photo of herself sitting in the president’s chair not long ago when he was preparing for the G7 meeting… hanging over the back of his chair.” Kelly continued. “She’s not the damn president. Get out of the chair. No one wants you at the G7. No one elected you to lead us politically.”

“And a couple of years ago, I did a bit that went viral on how she insists on being called Dr. Jill Biden everywhere. And all these left-wingers got upset with me. She is a doctor, she’s got her PhD, she’s in education, what have you. I don’t make fun of that degree. My own father had that degree. But my father would never have insisted somebody call him Dr. Kelly. He went by professor, and that was a title he’d earned,” Kelly explained.

“Why does she insist on it? Because she’s power-hungry. Because she has a small, fractured ego that she needs built up. She needs the affirmation of strangers to give her an honorarium. That really means almost nothing. The only people who get to be called doctor, legitimately, I understand, no disparaging of the degree, are medical doctors. If you can’t say: ‘Yes, I will resuscitate him when he has a heart attack on a plane’, stop using that label when you get introduced at a book club or on The View, which is what she does, all right?” Kelly told Morgan.

“And I do think it’s tied to what we’re seeing now, the big reveal about her. She’s power-hungry. She wants it. What did we see from her on debate night? We saw her take the stage and guide the president of the United States down the stairs like a mama would of a toddler. Like you and I both did when our kids were babies,” she noted.

“And then after the debate, that clip that was everywhere with her saying: ‘You did it. You answered all the questions,’” Kelly said, referring to Jill Biden’s praise for the president.

“Again, speaking to [him] the way I speak to my dog when he sits on command. This is the leader of the free world,” Kelly said. “She knows how infirm he is. She wants a shadow presidency.”

Frieda Powers


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