‘Nobody cares what Rand Paul thinks’: Sununu swoops in to defend Nikki Haley

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu did not take kindly to Sen. Rand Paul’s unexpected attack Friday on GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley.

As previously reported, Paul published a video to the social media platform X early Friday morning announcing that he’ll “never” support Haley for president.

Asked during an appearance later that day on Newsmax about what Paul’s anti-endorsement means for Haley’s campaign, Sununu excoriated the senator.


“What does Rand Paul mean? Nothing!” Sununu said. “I’m sorry, but nobody cares what Rand Paul thinks in this race. This race is in Iowa, its in New Hampshire, it’s in South Carolina. She’s the only candidate that’s surging. We’ve made it effectively a one on one race at this point between Nikki and Donald Trump.”

“She hasn’t set any expectations in Iowa. Only Trump and DeSantis have set expectations to win Iowa. Trump has set the only expectations that he’s going to win New Hampshire. So she’s challenging all those expectations right now. She’s surging right now, so there’s no doubt a lot of folks are coming out to support her,” he added.

“So with all due respect to the senator, maybe when the U.S. Senate actually starts doing something and actually starts delivering some results, they can stand on a soapbox and think that their words matter. But until then, sorry Rand Paul, nobody cares,” he concluded.

Unfortunately for Sununu, it appears he was dead wrong because after his appearance on Newsmax, he was flooded on X with critics saying that they do, in fact, care what Paul thinks.


Speaking of what Paul thinks, in his video posted to X early Friday, he directed viewers to a website, NeverNikki.net, that lays out a lengthy list of reasons why Haley’s candidacy should be opposed.

For example, the site notes that Haley supports Democrat President Joe Biden’s call for more money to be spent on Ukraine.

The site also notes that Haley recently said this: “I’m tired of talking about a Department of Defense. I want a Department of Offense.”

“She even personally received millions of dollars from the arms merchants who benefit from the war, a conflict of interest that undergirds her eagerness for foreign military intervention,” the site continues.

The site goes on to note that Haley was just as war-hungry during her tenure as the governor of South Carolina.

“[S]he gave tax dollars to those same arms merchants, and they showered her with campaign contributions and a seat on their board when she left office,” the site reads.

“While most others were decrying the mistakes of the past 20 years, and fighting for an America First foreign policy, Nikki Haley was aligning herself with and declaring her foreign policy allies to be John McCain and Lindsey Graham,” it continues.

Read the rest of the reasons here.

Dovetailing back to Sununu, earlier this week he admitted — quite shockingly — that he’s willing to support his nemesis, former President Donald Trump, if he wins the GOP presidential primaries.


“I think most of us are all going to support the Republican nominee – there’s no question,” he told CNN. “We all need Biden to lose.”

He was then asked if he’d vote for Trump even if the former president were convicted by the Biden administration. To his credit, Sununu again said yes.

“Right now, most of America looks like they would vote for him because he is winning,” he said. “I am going to support the Republican nominee, absolutely.”

Vivek Saxena


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