Nosy ‘Karen’ berates neighbor for how he dresses daughter in video so bizarre some are crying ‘set-up’

Proving that woke “Karens” are a global phenomenon, a TikTok video of a British woman grilling her remarkably patient neighbor over his two-year-old’s wardrobe has gone viral on social media.

“Okay,” the father says as the video begins. “So, you’ve come to my house to complain about my baby wearing pink?”

Standing at his front door is the bundled-up busybody, her hands clasped in front of her.

“Well, I was just asking, really, why you keep putting her in pink and not other colors?” the woman wanted to know, as though it were a totally normal, not-at-all-intrusive line of questioning.

To the shock of many, the toddler’s dad didn’t simply slam the door in the meddler’s face. Instead, he attempted to explain his reasoning.

“Well, traditionally, girls often wear pink,” he replied.

“Well, I think you’ll find that was back in the day,” the woman stated. “I don’t think it is today. I think you can wear any color you want now.”

The father tried again, saying that his little girl does have other clothes, but “her favorite color is pink.”

One would have thought that would have ended a conversation that should never have begun, but the woman continued to wring her hands.

“Well, I’ve only ever seen her in pink, and I think that’s not allowing her to have freedom of what gender she wants to be,” she argued.

“What do you mean freedom?” the dad asked. “She’s a baby!”

“She’s not a baby,” the woman insisted.

“She is a baby,” he replied. “She’s two.”

The woman confessed that she thought the child was older but remained undeterred.

“Hold on a minute, yeah?” the dad asked. “What’s it any of your concern?”

“Well, it’s my concern because I believe that the world has got better since we’ve got all this fluidity with genders and the different types of genders now,” she explained. “And I think, by dressing someone in pink, if she doesn’t want to be a girl when she’s old — if she wants to be a transexual or a transgender or whatever — then she’ll have been dressed in pink and you would have confused her.”

“So, I think it’s nicer to dress people in all different colors,” she continued. “I mean, she’d look beautiful in yellow, wouldn’t she?”

At about this time, most Americans would be looking for hidden cameras, convinced they were being punked, but the polite father, who pointed out that his child was currently wearing yellow, allowed his nosy neighbor to prattle on.

“But, she’s got pink trousers on,” the woman stated, as though she were accusing the dad of letting the little girl run with sharpened scissors.

Luckily, rainbows were part of the ensemble, so all was not hopelessly lost.

“I do like the rainbow,” the woman said approvingly. “I definitely like the rainbows on her trousers. Now that’s good!”

The father calmly pointed out that the woman was wearing pink glasses, but it’s likely he wished he hadn’t.

“I think you’ll find these are mauve,” she shot back. “Are you color blind or something? These are mauve. They are not pink.”

The little girl agreed with her daddy, which triggered the color-Nazi.

“But they’re not pink!” the woman snapped. “They are mauve! Mauve! Mauve glasses!”

“And, actually, they are blue inside,” she stated. “So, little bit of pink, mauve, and blue!”

Now, by this point in the bizarre exchange, it is obvious to all that the U.K. Karen is not a well woman, but she clearly amuses the father, who can be heard literally choking back laughter.

“I’m just a little bit baffled,” he confessed, “to like why you’re actually here?”

“I’m just asking why you keep dressing the girl in pink!” she said. “I think you should give her more choices of color.”

Finally, the father puts the woman in her place.

“How I parent her is nothing to do with you,” he stated.

No, the woman replied, it has a lot to do with her because she has a lot of feelings.

“I feel for people these days,” she said. “And I think they should have more choices of what color they want to wear.”

It is impossible to know the circumstances surrounding the shocking video — Did the woman know the family well? Is she or has she ever been prescribed anti-psychotics? Is this merely a funny hoax? — but the incident was, for many, a disturbing reminder of how emboldened the liberal left has become.

“These people are f**king insane,” tweeted the user who posted the video to Twitter. “This guy must be a saint to stay this calm.”

For others, it raised a far more pressing question that went unanswered in the video.

“Lets start at the beginning,” one user wrote. “Why are you watching my child?”

And many wondered if the entire, absurd exchange was nothing more than a Monty Python spoof.

“This is a skit, right?” asked one user.

“Almost definitely,” another replied. “Semi credible till the glasses segment then it was obviously a setup.”

And a third skeptic argued that the fact that she was okay with being filmed proves this is some sort of gag.

“In a true video,” the user said, “she would have made a scene about that he was recording.”


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