‘Not really smoking gun we’d hoped for’: Miranda Devine thinks Musk was ‘leaned on’ last minute, he is ‘holding back’

The New York Post’s Miranda Devine isn’t as impressed by Twitter CEO Elon Musk’s so-called “Twitter Files” as expected.

Despite her involvement in the Hunter Biden laptop story — she even wrote a book about it — she feels as if the “Twitter Files” are lacking.

“It’s not really the smoking gun we’d hoped for. I feel that Elon Musk has held back some material,” she said during an appearance late Friday on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”


Her appearance came not too long after Musk officially released the “Files,” which are in essence just a collection of revelations that show “[w]hat really happened with the Hunter Biden story suppression by Twitter,” according to the billionaire Twitter owner.

The release occurred through journalist Matt Taibbi, who tweeted out each revelation in a lengthy Twitter thread that he began posting around 6:30 pm Friday.

As evidence that Musk has held something back, Devine pointed to a tweet in which Taibbi had written that the revelations didn’t include any proof that the federal government had been involved in the censorship of the Post’s reporting on Hunter Biden.

“But that’s just not correct. I’ve seen a sworn affidavit from Yoel Roth, the former head of Twitter’s trust and safety. He was meeting every week before the election with FBI and other intelligence officials. They warned specifically of what they called a hack and leak operation, a dump of Russian disinformation,” Devine argued.

“And Yoel Roth says that in those meetings, he was told there was a, quote, rumor that it was about Hunter Biden. So they seeded that information with the social media giants. The FBI did. And that ensured that within hours of our story going live on October 14th, 2020, three weeks before the election, it was censored,” she added.

As to who deserves the blame for this censorship, Devine doesn’t think it should be Twitter founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey.

“The other interesting thing is how little Jack Dorsey was involved. He was obviously just blindsided, it seems, by the people under him who were intent on censoring this,” she said.

If not Dorsey, then who? How about Jim Baker, the Twitter attorney who used to be an FBI lawyer who was reportedly involved in the Russian collusion delusion hoax and conspiracy theory?

“Jim Baker, Twitter’s number one lawyer, [said] that caution is warranted. Now, that’s coming from your top lawyer. You’re going to pay attention to it. He, of course, is former FBI general counsel — very much involved in the Russia collusion hoax,” Devine said.

He also used to work at CNN.

Responding to Devine’s commentary, Carlson asked “how likely” is it that Musk was pressured by someone, including possibly the federal government, to hold certain things back.

“How likely is it, do you believe? Of course, it’s certain that he was leaned on by government agencies, just like everyone who tries to release all the information is leaned on by government agencies,” he asked.

Devine responded by speculating that Musk was, at the very least, pressured by Apple CEO Tim Cook, with whom he’d met up earlier in the week.

“The pressure has to have been immense. Remember, just yesterday, Wednesday, he met with Tim Cook from Apple, who had been threatening [him], even though Elon Musk now says he wasn’t threatening [him], but he was threatening [him], as was the White House, that Twitter would basically be wiped out by being removed from the Google and Apple app stores,” she said.

“And so Elon Musk met in person with Tim Cook. They had a stroll around the pond of Apple headquarters. And it came out of that saying, well, Apple is not going to do that and never was going to do that. Well, obviously, some sort of accommodation, you would think, was made between the two of them. And perhaps Elon Musk has given us a sort of a tailored or redacted version of all the material behind the scenes,” she added.

“Because I know from the lawyers who were involved in the deposition last week of FBI agent Elvis Chan that there’s much more to the story with the social media companies, and that top Twitter people like Yoel Roth … admitted that in one of those meetings that Hunter Biden’s name was brought up,” Devine continued.

“So while Mark Zuckerberg’s been quiet about that, and while in this particular dump of information from Twitter … there’s been no mention of Hunter Biden being mentioned, but we know he was mentioned by the FBI to the social media giants,” she added.

There’s specifically been no mention of Hunter Biden in Musk’s “Twitter Files.” However, the Twitter files aren’t yet complete …

Vivek Saxena


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