NYC Mayor Eric Adams eager to put thousands of illegal aliens to work in city

Instead of calling for illegal aliens to simply be deported, New York City Mayor Eric Adams is calling for them to be immediately granted working papers by the federal government so that they can earn their own keep.

He expressed this belief when asked during a National Press Club interview Tuesday about all the illegal aliens being bused to his city.

“[H]ow you feel about the migrants being sent to New York from Texas and Arizona? What do you think is a federal obligation to help cities like New York and Washington as we deal with this?” National Press Club president Jen Judson asked him.

“I think it’s imperative that we look at the employment. Think about this for a moment. We’re telling migrants and asylum seekers, ‘You can come to the country, but for six months you can’t work.’ What? Six months you can’t work?” the mayor replied.

“So six months you are having people who just sit idly by, waiting. So who’s supposed to pick up the tab for that? If the federal government is saying that for six months you can’t work, then the federal government should be saying for six months we [are] going to compensate you. Because someone has to pay for that.”

He added that letting illegals work could also satiate the demand for more workers.

“The strange thing is, particularly in New York and across the country, there’s such a demand for need of employees. Many of my industries are dying to get employees,” he said.

“So if you are a nurse from Venezuela, why am I having you sit down and not be using your medical profession to help in the hospitals that we have a shortage of nurses. If you are an engineer, we have a shortage of engineers. If you are a teacher, we have a shortage of teachers, bilingual teachers. So that six months delay is creating a bigger crisis.”

Except the data shows that most illegal aliens are unskilled and uneducated, meaning they aren’t eligible to be nurses, engineers, and teachers.

Moreover, the unemployment rate in NYC was 6.1 percent as of July, nearly double the national average.

During the interview, Adams also trash-talked Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, one of the border state governors who’s been busing illegals to cities like NYC.

“What is taking place in Texas right now with Governor Abbott is despicable. It is anti to everything we are as an American. I’m sure if he was to trace back his lineage, he’ll see that he came from somewhere. I think that it’s imperative during crisis, you coordinate. He did not pick up the phone. He did not coordinate,” Adams said.

“Every city that passed by arriving to New York, he should have communicated with and we should have worked out a coordination. And we have to share this issue of what’s happening on our border and we have an obligation to be responsible. Because that’s who we are as America, but we have to do it in a responsible way.”

Republican border-state governors like Abbott have been busing illegals to Democrat metropolitans to give Dems a taste of their own medicine.

These illegals have been flooding border states for over a year now, and in the process, they’ve been using up these states’ vital resources.

The goal of Abbott’s busing plan is to have the illegals use up Democrat resources for a change so that Dems finally understand what it’s like being a border state.

And that’s exactly what’s been happening:

The problem is that mayors like Adams aren’t getting the message. Instead of realizing that it’s neither economically feasible nor sustainable to allow illegal aliens to flood across the border, they’re doubling down on their belief that it’s contingent on America to take care of illegals, either by handing them welfare or giving them jobs.

In Adams’ case, he wants to give them jobs, and the only thing holding him back is bureaucratic red tape.

“Migrants seeking permission to work in the United States have to apply for employment authorization with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services — a process that takes roughly six months after an individual files their asylum application,” the New York Post notes.

According to a city rep who spoke with the Post, the mayor is hoping to convince the White House to cut this tape.

Meanwhile in Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot has also learned nothing from illegals being bused to her city.

According to the latest reports, instead of demanding the Biden administration deport them, she’s been marching them onto buses of her own and shipping them off to GOP suburbs.

“Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is being accused of hypocrisy after it emerged that dozens of migrants who recently arrived in the Windy City by bus were secretly sent on to a wealthy Republican suburb,” according to the New York Post.

“Despite Lightfoot repeatedly claiming that Chicago was welcoming the influx of border-crossers from Texas, at least 64 were forwarded without warning to a Hampton Inn in Burr Ridge, village officials said.”


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