NYPD promotes its new dance team, and even AOC is scratching her head

The B.U. barmaid turned lawmaker with a soft spot for BLM and Hamas sympathizers danced her own foot into her mouth with a hot take on a newly viral NYPD team.

In simpler times, little notice likely would have been given to Gotham’s gals in blue strutting their stuff as they promoted the relatively new NYPD dance team during a local broadcast. However, with an out-of-control illegal alien crisis adding to violent crime levels where soft-on-crime policies have exacerbated recidivism, all resources within the budget-strapped five boroughs have been called into question.

As it happened, that was the angle the Democratic Socialist of America-affiliated New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took when she chose to add her voice to the criticism of the choreography bereft of self-reflection.

“How many school music programs got defunded for this,” posited the congresswoman to one user’s post of the video captioned, “What are we doing as a city??”

Having previously danced herself into the hearts and minds of some with her own infamous rooftop routine from her Boston University days, social media couldn’t help but point out the hypocrisy from the “Squad” member as much of the city’s financial woes could be attributed to how leftists allocate resources.

Specifically, many called attention to the ongoing border crisis which has landed New York City with tens of thousands of foreign nationals occupying hotel rooms, repurposed office space, gyms, airfields and even schools while getting served meals and gifted with spending money at the taxpayers’ expense.

Meanwhile, NYC Mayor Eric Adams (D) had proposed across-the-board budget cuts to cover the oft-repeated projection of $12 billion it would take the city to support the aliens through 2025.

Adams had gone on to cancel upcoming NYPD academies reducing the size of the police force through attrition after increasing salaries for officers in April 2023 wasn’t enough to stop the increased number of retirements and departures.

Still, the critical Ocasio-Cortez, who, along with her leftist peers, had promoted defunding the police while spending considerable amounts on personal security, had chided the mayor decrying that most cops “are paid more than a teacher with a master’s degree serving the same kids involved in the same incidents.”

“We are defunding safety, defunding our public schools, defunding our public pools, defunding our parks, defunding our libraries, when we are taking all of those resources, and demanding that every single department, except the militarized one, be cut,” she had said.

Kevin Haggerty


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