NYT’s Maggie Haberman accuses Trump of ‘poking’ attorney Alina Habba

A report about an attorney departing former President Donald Trump’s legal team preceded allegations of him “literally poking” his counsel.

(Video: CNN)

Thursday on CNN, commentator and New York Times contributor Maggie Haberman brought her brand of Trump-obsessive analysis to a report that attorney Evan Corcoran had parted ways with the president’s legal team in recent months.

While the subject on “The Source with Kaitlan Collins” kicked off a rundown of the fate of attorneys who had once represented Trump with CNN legal analyst Elie Honig, Haberman would go on to contribute a jab at attorney Alina Habba amid claims of tension between the client and his defense.

“We’ve seen it already — at least in the civil cases. There was a lot of Donald Trump, literally poking at his lawyer, Alina Habba, to get up,” claimed the Times contributor as she mimed thrusting her fingers.

The allegation came after CNN had reported on Corcoran’s departure from Trump’s team, leading to speculation that he could be a key witness should the president’s classified documents case reach trial, a claim campaign spokesman Steven Cheung had denied in a statement to the outlet.

“Mr. Corcoran remains on the legal team and is continuing to help fight the Biden Trial witch-hunts,” said Cheung adding, “any assertion otherwise is fake news peddled by uninformed sources and untruthful reporting that seeks to leak disinformation and misinformation.”

During the commentary on the myriad cases facing Trump, Collins had prompted, “Yeah, I guess it does speak to the level of what it’s like to be an attorney working for Donald Trump.”

In response, Honig had begun to rattle off the number of attorneys who had represented the GOP leader and found themselves in hot water, without noting the controversy that some appeared to have been targeted solely for representing Trump.

“It’s a tough gig. I mean, look, like let’s look through the history,” he began. “You mentioned Michael Cohen, right? We’ve seen John Eastman now; he’s indicted, he lost his license. Jeffrey Clark; he’s indicted, he lost his license. Sidney Powell, she’s indicted. Jenna Ellis, she’s indicted. They both pled guilty.”

“Rudy Giuliani,” chimed in Haberman as the legal analyst continued, “I mean, it’s really hard to think of an example of someone who’s represented Trump and come out of it with their financial situation intact, their professional reputation intact, their exposure to crimes intact. It’s a grueling job. It’s a tough gig. And here, we’re gonna end up with a situation where this guy is gonna take the stand against his former client.”

“Now, I mean, Trump cycles through lawyers. We have seen this over and over and over again,” added the Times contributor before Honig had turned the focus to alleged courtroom drama. “And to that end, let me just flag — like watch the dynamic between his legal team and Donald Trump, and you both will be reporting on this because there’s always a bit of tension at trial.”

“Sometimes, the defense lawyer wants to go one way, the client wants him to be more aggressive here or less aggressive there. And that can bubble over. And sometimes, that gets reflected in the courtroom itself,” he argued.

The claims were presented as Trump’s alleged hush money trial was slated to begin in New York City on Monday with jury selection kicking off the proceeding expected to last from six to eight weeks.

Kevin Haggerty


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