Past videos of unruly Dem booted from TN seat worthy of SNL skit: ‘He’s the male Hilaria Baldwin!’

Former Tennessee state Rep. Justin Pearson, one of the two loud, unruly Democrats who were expelled from office last week for disrupting legislative proceedings, has some serious explaining to do, according to critics.

Critics are especially curious to know what changed between the Pearson of 2016 and the Pearson of 2023 who joined Democrat colleagues in disrupting the proceedings of the Tennessee Capitol last week over gun control. Rep. Justin Jones has since been reinstated, to much leftist fanfare.

But a campaign video from 2016 shows Pearson, then a Bowdoin College student, speaking calmly and professionally as he tries to convince the student body to vote him in as the Bowdoin Student Government president.

“I’m Justin J. Pearson, and I’m running for president of BSG. There are a few reasons why we’re running this campaign this year. One has to do with representation. How can we represent all voices in a conversation?” he says in the video.

“I wanted to do this by partnering with organizations from the Bowdoin Democrats to the Bowdoin Republicans. I want to bring together different voices — dissenting voices, voices that may be more liberal or more conservative — in order that we can reach a point of sort of the radical middle,” Pearson adds.

The video contrasts sharply with Pearson’s modern persona, which critics say is that of a Martin Luther King Jr. impersonator.

See the difference between 2016 Pearson and 2023 Pearson below:

Notice how 2023 Pearson speaks with a drawl like a southern pastor.

“Seem like the NRA and gun lobbyist might win. … I don’t know how long this Saturday in the state of Tennessee might last, but oh we have good news folks. We’ve got good news that Sunday always comes,” he says in the latter half of the clip above.

Critics say the modern-day Pearson sounds like Hillary Clinton did during her infamous “I don’t feel noways tired” speech she delivered in 2007.

Here’s a reminder of what that sounded like:

Critics also say Pearson’s sudden switch is a sign of how utterly “fake” and “fraudulent” so much of politics has become.


They have a point, given as the whole situation in Tennessee is itself fake in many ways.

Democrats and their media allies are acting like Pearson and Justin Jones are veritable civil rights heroes fighting back against unprecedented Republican bigotry and racism. But it’s all a lie.

As previously reported, Tennessee legislators were in the middle of proceedings last week when a large group of gun control zealots invaded the Tennessee Capitol and began disrupting their proceedings.

Pearson and Jones responded to the disruption by joining it — with bullhorns too. And then once expelled, they claimed their expulsions were examples of alleged voter disenfranchisement and voter suppression.

Fox News contributor David Webb, also a black man, didn’t buy their narrative.

“Your voters are not silenced. Even if they don’t reappoint them, they get to vote in a special election so the voters get to send another left-wing Democrat back. These guys are flat out liars. They’re not interested in representing their district,” Webb said last week, according to Fox News.

“The Republicans should have thrown all three of them out evenly, Gloria Johnson included, because they all violated the rules. This was not a quiet moment in the well of the floor. They broke rules that have been in place for a very long time. And enough already with this racism. If everything’s racism, nothing’s racism. They didn’t throw you out because you were Black. They threw you out because they had the votes, and you violated the rules,” he added.

State rep. Gloria Johnson also took part in the disruption, but unlike Pearson and Jones, she didn’t use a bullhorn.

Jones was reinstated Tuesday. Pearson is set to be reinstated later this week.

Vivek Saxena


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