Pelosi blasts ‘rogue’ SCOTUS as Trump immunity decision looms

The radical left assault on the Supreme Court is showing no signs of slowing, with former Speaker Nancy Pelosi being the latest Democrat to cast aspersions.

With a focus on so-called ethical violations that seem to exclude the liberal justices, Pelosi was asked during an interview on CNN whether she has confidence in the high court, and in responding that she did not, the California lawmaker turned the screws up on Chief Justice John Roberts by suggesting that he has gone “rogue.”

“I think they’ve gone rogue,” Pelosi replied. “It’s most unfortunate. But it’s unfortunate further to see what the other justices … what happened to the chief justice? Did he go weak, or did he go rogue? I don’t know.”

“And that’s the same thing with these members of Congress, if I can take it back to that, because, as tragic as that night was — and they were coming after me to put a bullet in my head,” she said, pivoting to the Jan. 7 protest at the U.S. Capitol. “They were going to hang the — have a gallows for the vice president of the United States.”

Then again, that’s par for the course. When the Supreme Court rules favorably for the hard left, they see it as sober and reasonable. When it doesn’t, as when Roe v. Wade was upended, they see it as “rogue.”

Monday marked the two-year anniversary of the court’s controversial Dobbs v. Jackson ruling that sent the abortion issue back to the States. At the same time, the court is expected to hand down a number of decisions this week, which could potentially include a ruling on whether Trump is immune from criminal prosecution on charges stemming from his efforts to question the results of the  2020 election.

“No, I don’t have confidence in the Supreme Court,” Pelosi said. “See, I respect their point of view. If they have a point of view about a woman’s right to choose, okay. But that is not what they are there to do. To advocate for a point of view, run for Congress. They’re there to uphold the Constitution of the United States.”

Uphold the Constitution, as interpreted by the left.

“And many of them said in their hearings for confirmation, they said that they supported the precedents of the court … [and] supported the privacy in the Constitution,” she continued. “And what do they do? They vote their opinion on policy rather than the oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States.”

Ironically, Pelosi spoke about the separate branches of government as she endeavored to influence one of those branches — Democrats want to impose a code of ethics (of their choosing) on the high court.

“I want us to get back to a place where the three branches of government, as our Founders initiated, are respected across the board,” she claimed. “But I don’t have a lot of confidence in this court, unfortunately. I say that with a heavy heart.”

In an appearance on Fox News Sunday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said of the Democrats’ efforts, “It was a constitutional overreach. They are trying to micromanage the Roberts court. They are trying to destroy Alito and Thomas because they don’t like the fact they’re conservative judges.”

Tom Tillison


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