Bring on the Whites! Emmitt Smith cites MLB legend Reggie Jackson to defend DEI in sports

NFL Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith has emerged as a vocal defender of racist Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs and he cited another sports legend to make his case.

Smith, who won three Super Bowls with the dynastic Dallas Cowboys of the 1990s and holds the league’s all-time rushing yards record, referenced recent remarks by former MLB great Reggie Jackson who recounted the racism he faced while playing minor league ball in the Deep South in the 1960s.

Resorting to the tried and true tactic of dredging up old racial grievances of a bygone era to justify today’s officially sanctioned racism against white people, Smith highlighted Jackson’s quotes to express his opinion of why DEI cannot be allowed to die.

“As I’m reflecting on Reggie Jackson’s raw comments from last week, it reinforces why DEI programs and initiatives must exist,” Smith wrote in his statement posted to X. “His truth is a reminder of the pain and suffering endured by many of our Black ancestors, including significant sports figures.

“Few legends like him are alive to share their stories and shed light on the racist history of this. This is why DEI is so vital for the progress of this nation. People with power, money and influence must acknowledge these horrifying times when America failed Black and Brown people to dismantle the systematic racial systems that still exist today. These stories must be heard so we don’t continue to make the same mistakes over and over again,” the former NFL superstar said.

Among the stories that the now 78-year-old former New York Yankees slugger told is how legendary college football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant once referred to him as a “n****r,” although in complimentary terms, his remarks were predictably promoted by a media that’s a key component in America’s racism industrial complex.

“He meant it as a compliment,” he said. “I didn’t take it as such.” He also dredged up the bad old days of playing in Birmingham, AL during an appearance on “woke” sports network ESPN.

“I walked into restaurants and they would point at me and they’d say, ‘n****r, can’t eat here. I would go to a hotel and they would say, ‘the n****r can’t stay here,’” Jackson said.

While Jackson may have experienced racism during his career, it’s important to note that it was over a half-century ago during the civil rights era and that in modern times, black athletes are not subject to such discrimination and, in fact, they are rewarded with obscene multi-million dollar contracts because they excel at playing a game.

Among the top ten NFL contracts are several black players with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes playing on a staggering $450 million deal, Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens raking in $260 million, Philadelphia Eagles star Jalen Hurts making $255 million, and Deshaun Watson of the Cleveland Browns being rewarded with $230 million despite being a serial sexual abuser, according to Spotrac.

Smith’s latest pro-DEI argument was unconvincing to X users who let him have it.

Before his stellar NFL career, Smith was a star at the University of Florida, and he recently slammed the Sunshine State’s decision to cut out the DEI cancer at colleges and universities.

“When I see them destroying DEI for the sake of politics … it’s not even common sense,” he said. “This is just sheer out of spite and sheer power.”

Chris Donaldson


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