Pelosi is thrilled the Dem-created narrative of GOP’s ‘disgraceful’ reaction to hubby’s hammer attack ‘turned voters off’

According to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Republicans have themselves to blame for their disappointing midterm election results. Not because Democratic policies are so fantastic, or because conservative policies are bad, but because the GOP was mean when her husband, Paul Pelosi, was whacked in the head with a hammer by a delusional hippie drug addict.

And as far as Nancy’s concerned, that’s fine by her.

Speaking with CNN’s Dana Bash on Sunday, Pelosi was asked about the attack on her husband, which occurred just days before the midterm election, and whether or not it impacted voter turnout.


“‘It is a trend in what I’m hearing,” she replied demurely.

“But it wasn’t just the attack,” she continued. “It was the Republican reaction to it, which was disgraceful.”

“The attack is horrible. I mean, imagine what – how I feel, as was the one who was the target, and my husband paying the price, and the traumatic effect on our family,” the aging Speaker said. “But that trauma is intensified by the ridiculous, disrespectful attitude that the Republicans – and there’s nobody disassociating themselves from the horrible response that they gave to it.”

When pressed on whether or not that was at least partially to blame for the Republicans’ less-than-stellar results, Pelosi replied, “They tell me so.”

The thing is, the notion that the GOP reacted disgracefully to the bizarre break-in at the Pelosis’ San Francisco home is and always has been a Democrat-pushed narrative.

As American Wire previously reported, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez quickly came out swinging at House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, claiming he said “nothing” after news of the assault broke, only to learn that McCarthy had texted Nancy Pelosi soon after learning of the attack.

“Let me perfectly clear – violence or threat of violence has no place in our society,” McCarthy told Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo. “What happened to Paul Pelosi is wrong. Having heard it, I reached out and called the Speaker. She was on a plane back for her husband, though, so we were able to communicate by text.”

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden was comparing the attack to the January 6 riots, a claim so absurd, it was offensive.

The ink on the police reports had not yet dried before the left began insisting the demented David DePape was a MAGA extremist, despite revelations that he lived in a bus, was a nudist, and supported Black Lives Matter.

If Pelosi were being honest, she’d acknowledge that the many conflicting media reports — including a report that was scrubbed from NBC — contributed more to the speculation surrounding her husband’s attack than any “disrespectful” attitudes from GOP members.

And with inflation, crime, and the threat of nuclear war hanging over their heads, it’s unlikely voters thought twice about Paul Pelosi when they filled out their ballots.

Melissa Fine


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