Police haul off ‘undocumented’ Cornell asst. professor for repeatedly disrupting Ann Coulter event

A Cornell University faculty member was forced to leave a talk by Ann Coulter after she repeatedly heckled the author at an event open to the public.

An assistant professor of interpersonal communication at the school named Monica Cornejo can be seen in a video clip that was taken by New York resident Russ Nelson. Two police officers are seen approaching the woman and informing her she is under arrest for “disorderly conduct.”

Cornejo told the officer who put his hands on her, “don’t touch me — do not touch me,” and added, “I am a faculty member.”

In a feature on the assistant professor last year, The Cornell Daily Sun noted that Cornejo “is one of the first undocumented tenure-track faculty members at Cornell.”

“Cornejo first immigrated to the United States from Mexico when she was six-years-old. She is currently an undocumented immigrant and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipient,” the article noted, adding that at the University of California, Santa Barbara, she was “one of three undocumented Ph.D. graduate students.”

Coulter, whose talk was titled “Immigration: The Conspiracy To End America,” had been reinvited by Cornell Provost Michael Kotlikoff after a scheduled event in November 2022 was cut short because of leftist students who were allowed to heckle and disrupt the conservative commentator and columnist.

“Having been deeply troubled by an invited speaker at Cornell (any speaker) being shouted down and unable to present their views, I agreed that there could be few more powerful demonstrations of Cornell’s commitment to free expression than to have Ms. Coulter return to campus and present her views,” Kotlikoff explained in a statement last month.

Cornejo appeared to be on a mission to single-handedly sidetrack Coulter’s return, reportedly yelling at Coulter and even other audience members.

“She was yelling counterpoints to Ann, and was the only disruption,” Nelson told The College Fix.

“She kept objecting quite loudly, gave Ann the finger repeatedly, and after about the sixth outburst the cops came and took her away,” he added. “…She had accused everyone in the room of being a racist because we support Ann Coulter. Seems like a stretch to me.”

Frieda Powers


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