Utah students walk out in protest of ‘furries’ allegedly allowed to harass them in school: ‘They bite… scratch us…’

On Wednesday, normal Utah students made a statement about “furries” allegedly scratching, biting, growling, and pouncing on them by walking out in protest from Mt. Nebo Middle School.

“Students walked out of Nebo School District in Utah to protest the school for allowing ‘furries’ to t*rrorize other students. Students claim that the furries bite them, bark at them, and pounce on them without repercussion. However, if they defend themselves in any way, they get in trouble,” Libs of TikTok posted on X.

Approximately 75 students and parents protested with signs outside, accusing school officials of ignoring complaints that have been made about students wearing “furry” costumes. “Furries” are people who dress up as animals and act like them.

“A livestreamer named Adam Bartholomew interviewed the students outside Mt. Nebo Middle School in Payson and posted their accusations on social media. His main video on YouTube runs for an hour and 12 minutes,” Blaze Media reported.

“These kids are mentally ill, and they’re trying to force their illness upon us,” one girl stated noting that the kids who dressed up as “furries” ranged from ages 10 to 13 years old.

Other children claimed that the “furries” sprayed Febreze on them and sometimes sprayed it in their eyes. Some even reported that there are litter boxes in the bathrooms.

“They bite us. They scratch us. They bark at us,” another student asserted.

Students contend that the “furries” get a pass if they attack other children but if they complain to school authorities about them they are punished for it. The principal reportedly told them to be kind and nice to the “furries.”

(Video Credit: ABC4 Utah)

Students and parents brandished signs during the protest that read “Don’t brainwash us” and “Compelled speech is not free speech.” The children said their parents knew they were at the protest and the principal was notified the night before that it would take place.

“One parent at the protest said that their child had recorded video of the furries interrupting school, but they were allegedly reprimanded by school officials,” Blaze Media noted. “A petition on change.org demanded that school officials apply their rules to all students, including the furries, and was signed by 629 people. Students at the protest called for furries to be banned from school, and others wanted them to be expelled.”

Utah Parents United issued a statement on Facebook concerning the accusations:

“It is harmful to children for school rules and dress codes to be centered around the marginalized. It perpetuates the victim culture that is damaging our children!” the group declared. “As parents we must speak out when schools validate any disruptive, antisocial, and extreme behavior.”

“In March, a middle school of the Nebo District made headlines after a teacher was documented indoctrinating students into climate change propaganda by providing insects for children to eat for class credit,” Blaze Media claimed.

The school authorities are pushing back against the claims by the students.

The school district’s Public Information Officer Seth Sorenson is denying all of the allegations. He called it all a misunderstanding that was based on a memo the school sent out asking students to be respectful of others no matter how they dress, according to ABC4.

Conservative Chris Loesch was blunt on X about the “furries”: “Send the ‘furry’ students to the kennel or the zoo if they believe they are animals don’t put them with regular students. Good on these kids for putting their foot down.”

Megyn Kelly also cut to the chase on X: “Another thing we were told is not happening.”

Gubernatorial candidate Phil Lyman also took a swipe, “‘We The People, not the animals.’ Each of these children have more courage, conviction, and fortitude than all of our ‘Republicans leaders’ (RINOS) put together. I wonder how many of the ‘Furries’ heard their governor state his pronouns. So grateful for those who are willing to #Standup for something, instead of playing into the #DisagreeBetter propaganda.”

Author Kurt Schlichter nailed it, “Why is this happening in Utah? It’s because you people in Utah allowed it to happen. What the hell is wrong with you and every other Red State that allows this kind of idiocy?”

More conservatives sounded off over the protest:


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