PolitiFact’s fat thumb favors Warnock in GA runoff: Dem can’t be false while Walker can’t tell the truth

Early voting has already begun in the Georgia senatorial runoff election between Republican candidate Herschel Walker and specially elected Sen. Raphael Warnock, and while progressives lament so-called “disinformation,” fact-checker bias takes center stage.

After both nominees failed to clear the 50 percent threshold in the Nov. 8 general election, Georgia law automatically triggered a special election to be held on Dec. 6. With just over a week to go before the contest is decided, the media watchdogs over at NewsBusters took a look PolitiFact’s “independent” review of statements made and (big surprise) found the outlet, “telling the public that Democrats are factual and Republicans are liars.”

In fact, the lead story on PolitiFact at the time of this writing highlighted a quote from Warnock deemed “Mostly True” that Walker “‘wants a nationwide ban on abortion’ and said no exceptions ‘not even for rape or incest or life of the mother.'”

Screengrab: PolitiFact

While Walker’s personal stance on the sanctity of life is not in question here, despite being used to label the former NFL player as a hypocrite after allegations were brought forth that he had impregnated a woman and then paid for her to have an abortion, the bias remained evident from PolitiFact. As noted by Newsbusters, throughout 2022 they had cherrypicked four statements from Warnock to provide him with three “Mostly True” ratings and one “Half True” while simultaneously providing no evidence of a “True” statement for Walker who earned, at best, one “Half True” to accompany his two “Mostly False” and two “False” ratings.

Walker’s “False” remarks were pegged in March and July when he first suggested, “The presence of apes calls into question the concept of evolution,” and then said Democrats had driven up gasoline prices because they and President Joe Biden had “stopped domestic drilling” for oil.

On the other hand, they gave credit to Warnock for his “Mostly True” remark from April against the president when he asserted, “While the initial increase in oil prices resulted in a near instantaneous increase in gas prices for consumers, the subsequent decrease in crude oil prices has failed to meaningfully provide relief for Georgia’s families at the pump.”

As NewsBusters contended, “these ‘Fact Checkers’ don’t have to be wrong about the facts to be biased. It’s obvious in their ‘target selection’ that they’re helping out the Democrats, defending their records and blatantly attacking Republican talking points. PolitiFact is often Exhibit A.”

The case was further evidenced by the latest fact-checks that solely add credence to progressive narratives as “False” ratings were ascribed to the following:

  • “The Biden administration is deporting Cubans ‘because Cubans by and large are conservatives.'”
  • “Suggests ‘108 FIFA registered players/coaches have died’ because of COVID-19 vaccines.”
  • “Joe Biden is being investigated for human trafficking and is guilty.”
  • “John Kerry at COP27 climate summit spoke about wanting to ‘wipe out the middle class…get you under the central banking digital currency system.'”
  • “Video shows Arizona ballots ‘break chain of custody in Arizona.'”


The last one was further supported by a “Pants On Fire !” rating for the suggestion that the Arizona gubernatorial election where Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) was declared the winner over former news anchor Kari Lake (R) was a “fraudulent election.”

The most recent update in polling at FiveThirtyEight shows Walker with a one percent lead over Warnock with neither above 50 percent. As such, it’s no wonder that the outlet recently highlighted a claim from Walker as “Mostly False” that the senator “believes in no cash bail” and “letting people out of prison that are going to make us prisoners in our own home.”

While defending their rating, PolitiFact included the Walker campaign’s emphasis on an October 2020 Warnock tweet that read, “No one should be stuck in jail just because they can’t afford cash bail. Poverty is not a crime, we must end cash bail,” and argued it “didn’t qualify his position.”

Further, they made mention of the senator’s website that lists “ending mass incarceration” as one of his priorities to defend him on the matter of bail but ignored that same point on letting people out of prison as they ruled, “Walker’s claim contains an element of truth but ignores critical facts that would give a different impression,” much as they had done themselves.

Kevin Haggerty


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