Pollster Frank Luntz makes visibly painful 2024 prediction: ‘He has come back.’

With the Iowa caucuses right around the corner, pollster Frank Luntz was asked: “If you had to bet $150,000 on who’s gonna win in November, who would you bet on?”

The longtime “Never-Trumper” reacted as though he was in urgent need of some Pepto Bismol.

“I never dreamed that I would say this, but I would bet on Trump,” he reluctantly admitted. “I never– I thought it was done. I thought it was over.”

“You don’t come back from an impeachment,” he reasoned. “You don’t come back from January 6th. You don’t come back from any of this.”

“But he has come back,” Luntz said, his voice little more than a defeated whisper. “The guy’s a survivor and his opponent is having so much trouble that I would at this point, give the edge to Trump.”

Luntz’s frequent criticisms of Trump have not made him very popular among many conservatives.

“Frank Luntz has always made me throw up a little in my mouth,” one user on X said. “How he ever got a job in front of a camera mystifies me.”

But many were delighted by the pollster’s ability to underestimate the MAGA movement.

“I never realized how much they underestimated this movement. They honestly thought we would all just go away,” noted one user. “I looove this!”

Others praised Luntz for his honesty.

But any olive branches that may have been extended Luntz’s way were likely snapped like dried twigs after he bashed Republican voters in Iowa on Fox News’s “Your World” with Neil Cavuto.

Luntz was discussing the impact of bone-chilling, subzero weather on voter turnout.

“There are two groups that are impacted when it’s gonna be this cold,” he told Cavuto. “Young voters, 18 to 29-year-olds, are less likely to vote in inclement weather. Their turnout is always suspect.”

Young voters will be affected, and, according to Luntz, Republicans are barely alive to begin with.

“And in a Republican event,” he said, “the average age of a caucus voter, frankly, is deceased.”

“Now,” Luntz continued, “the other group that is affected by it are those over age 70 – people who would vote if it was more conducive to getting outside.”


Melissa Fine


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