Potty-mouthed FL ‘Gen Z’ Dem name drops George Floyd during IRS whistleblower hearing

Democrats made a big stink this Wednesday about the GOP’s concern over the lightweight prosecutorial treatment that Hunter Biden, a rich white man, has received.

Despite having committed several serious crimes, President Joe Biden’s youngest son was offered a sweetheart plea deal last month that allowed him to plead guilty to a few minor crimes.

In response to the sweetheart deal, Republicans complained about a “two-tier justice system.”

Congressional Republicans repeated this refrain during a House Oversight Committee hearing Wednesday when two IRS whistleblowers testified that the Department of Justice had hamstrung their investigation into Hunter’s crimes.

However, instead of listening to the whistleblowers in good faith, congressional Democrats predictably cried foul. And this despite them having vehemently touted the importance of whistleblowers during the Trump administration.

First up was Rep. Maxwell Frost, the same potty-mouthed, Gen Z liberal who recently called Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis a fascist.

Listen to what he had to say below:

“Since January 6th, these Republicans and Trump have complained about a two-tiered justice system, co-opting the language of the decades-long civil rights movement for black lives and black freedom, a movement that they actually are actively looking to eliminate,” he said.

“There is a two-tiered justice system. But it’s not about Democrats versus Republicans. This language, two-tiered justice system, has a real history. It has a real history of Emmett Till. It has a real history with Breonna Taylor. It has a real history with George Floyd, the Central Park Five. Derek Diaz, a young man who was just — an unarmed young man who was just killed in central Florida about a week ago,” he added.

Next up was Rep. Summer Lee, another black Democrat who for some reason thinks that black people own the phrase “two-tier justice system.”

Listen to what she had to say below from around the 1:30 mark:

“I’d like to address the way my Republican colleagues are attempting to co-opt the phrase ‘two-tier justice system’ to make it sound like Trump and his cronies are somehow the victims here when the reality is that the term two-tier system of justice is meant to refer to the very real system that exists in the United States and which affects Black and brown folks, not powerful former presidents and their political allies,” she said.

“Republican efforts to use the term two-tier justice is to distract from those who are truly the victims of a disparate treatment in our criminal justice system, and whether we say it out loud or not, we all know who those people are,” she added.

Last up was Rep. Shontel Brown.

Listen to her below:

“Do you know the rate at which black taxpayers are audited as compared to taxpayers who are not black?” she asked one of the IRS whistleblowers after ranting about the GOP’s usage of the term “two-tier justice system.”

Notice how every single Democrat seen above turned the issue of Hunter Biden being given a sweetheart plea deal into an issue about modern black people allegedly being oppressed by the U.S. government.

Critics weren’t surprised by the rhetoric because they contend this is what Democrats ALWAYS do,  always distracting from the issues by citing race or some other immutable trait.

Vivek Saxena


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