Pro-Hamas activist fact checked over blatantly false claim about disfigured Israeli hostage

A pro-Hamas social media influencer was caught spreading a malicious lie that a woman who was released from Israeli captivity as a part of those weekend’s prisoner swap was disfigured while in prison.

Among the 39 Palestinians who were released was Israa Jaabees whose hideously disfigured face presented an opportunity for the activist who goes by the handle of Khalil in Gaza to propagandize on behalf of the terrorists against the Jewish state, suggesting that it tortures prisoners.

“She entered the prison healthy, beautiful woman, she came out injured and burned,” Khalil posted to the X platform, previously known as Twitter, over the weekend, adding, And she’s still beautiful..,” a claim what has received over 2 million views.

What Khalil in Gaza failed to mention is that Jaabees incurred her injuries during a failed suicide bombing attempt when she allegedly detonated herself at a checkpoint in the West Bank in 2015, receiving extensive medical treatment for her injuries from the Israelis while she was imprisoned.

An X community note was added to the post explaining that the disfigurement was from the exploded propane tank in her vehicle and NOT from treatment while behind bars.

The blatantly false claim was also fact-checked by X users who blew up the activist’s bogus narrative.

Not to be deterred by the truth, Khalil in Gaza tried to claim that the convicted terrorist’s facial disfigurement was caused by exploding air bags and not an improvised bomb.

“Conflicting claims..?” Khalil wrote, “Okay here is the story of Israa..”

“The story of Israa (38 years old) began on October 11, 2015, when she was returning from her husband’s family home in the city of Jericho to her home in Jabal Mukaber in Jerusalem, where she worked in the city of Jerusalem daily,” he said. “She was transporting some household items in her car, and when she reached the Israeli military checkpoint, the airbags in the car exploded, causing fire to catch on inside the car.”

Nice try but nobody was buying it.

Jaabees and the other freed prisoners received a hero’s welcome after their release in a big win for Hamas which could further benefit if the four-day ceasefire is extended as expected.

Chris Donaldson


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