Univision still feels sting of Trump interview

Latino leftists have been steaming over Univision’s recent “softball” interview with former President Donald J. Trump which wasn’t adversarial enough to their liking, and now star anchor Jorge Ramos has added his voice to the mix.

Trump sat down with Enrique Acevedo earlier this month at Mar-a-Lago for a wide-ranging talk that much to the dismay of Ramos and his fellow activists, allowed viewers on the Spanish language network to hear him directly without the usual spin and propaganda.

One major beef that Ramos seems to have with his employer is that it was Acevedo who got the nod, depriving him of one of the biased, sharp-tongued ambushes that are his specialty and he vented in a weekend column, whining that the interview “put in doubt the independence of our news department.”

“Let’s begin with the most basic. Trump never would have given me an interview. On August 25, 2015, the then-presidential candidate ordered a bodyguard to expel me from a news conference in Dubuque, Iowa, after I tried to ask him some questions. ‘Go back to Univision!’ he told me. I had gone to Iowa to ask him about his statements that Mexican immigrants were ‘rapists,’ criminals and drug traffickers,” he began, still bemoaning being shut down by Trump eight years later.

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While acknowledging that Trump invited him back to ask questions, Ramos complained about Trump being given “an open microphone” and demanded constant “fact” checking which in today’s world has as much to do with honesty as the “our democracy” that authoritarian Democrats endlessly pontificate about.

“We cannot normalize behavior that threatens democracy and the Hispanic community, or offer Trump an open microphone to broadcast his falsehoods and conspiracy theories,” the veteran reporter said. “We must question and fact-check everything he says and does.”

“We cannot surrender our responsibility to ask hard and precise questions,” Ramos added. “That’s what journalism is for. These journalistic principles apply to everyone.”

One left-wing Latina who was mucho caliente over Univision choosing Acevedo for the interview instead of the Trump-hating Ramos was Ana Navarro and “The View” co-host expressed her dissatisfaction while calling for Latinos to punish Univision.

“They have a tremendous co-anchor named Jorge Ramos, who’s been there for decades, and they’ve got great credibility. I’ve seen many a strong man, many a corrupt person, leader squirm under the questioning of Jorge Ramos,” she whined. “But they didn’t have Jorge Ramos do this interview.”

“They had a guy named Enrique Acevedo who’s supposedly a good journalist, I don’t know him. But he sat there like if he was interviewing a panda,” Navarro said during a recent episode of the popular ABC daytime gabfest.

(Video: YouTube/Univision)

“Of course, we should not take sides, and we are obliged to broadcast the messages of all candidates in the 2024 presidential election. But at the same time, we cannot surrender our responsibility to ask hard and precise questions. That’s what journalism is for. These journalistic principles apply to everyone,” Ramos said.

Chris Donaldson


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